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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Humphrey John Bridgeport CT
1940 CMDR Gannon Harvey --
1940 FC Belletto Alphonse New Orleans LA
1940 GM Canell Joseph G Carthage NY
1940 IC Moon Thomas New Hope AL
1940 LCDR Phelps Tracy Norfolk VA
1940 SH Byarski Thomas Detroit MI
1940 SN Brown Kuhron Alamo TN
1941 -- Russell Leonard Wichita KS
1941 ENS Wass Thomas Detroit MI
1941 GM Franks Orville Sea Hamilton AL
1941 LT Bruner Ralph Jeffersonville IN
1941 LT Matthews Arnold(son) Laweranceville VA
1941 LTJG Berner Bernard Beacon NY
1941 LTJG Cassutt Russell Duluth MN
1941 SCPO Morgan Billie Parkersburg WV
1942 1STSGT Stansbury William Rayville LA
1942 AC Maher Francis Boston MA
1942 AT Fisher Joseph Plymouth PA
1942 BM Brissette Wilfred Old Town ME
1942 BM Gratto Charles Canton NY
1942 CPL Frank Ralph Hartford CT
1942 CPL Frank Ralph Hartford CT
1942 CPL Frank Ralph Hartford CT
1942 CPO Harrell Sr Rhett Tampa FL
1942 CPO Thompson Cecil OK
1942 CPO Walsh Donald J. Youngstown OH
1942 CS Coppola Carmen Ozone Park NY
1942 CS Coppola Carmen Ozone Park NY
1942 DC Silverberg John Bronx NY
1942 GM Bujnicki Leo Wading River NY
1942 RD Biss Steven Garfield NJ
1942 RD Murphy Micheal Bronx NY
1942 SC Evans Warren Harrisonburg VA
1942 SF Goss Alvah Springfield MA
1942 SF Leve Rubin St Louis Mo MO
1942 SF Quinn Thomas Chicago IL
1942 SM Unger Howard Mt. Vernon NY
1942 WT Busch (grandson Of) Ted Houston TX
1942 YN Emmott Edward Providence RI
1943 Sutton Raymond Providence RI
1943 BM Muller Warren West Hempstead NY
1943 FC Adamczyk Raymond Chicago IL
1943 GM Vander Zyl Gerald Wyoming MI
1943 LT Bruce Charles Mount Vernon TX
1943 MCPO Perry Don Middle Village NY
1943 MM Patterson Richard Wadsworth OH
1943 PVT Mooney (children) George Southborough MA
1943 QM Rovito Thomas Weehawken NJ
1943 QM Rovito Thomas Danbury CT
1943 RM Bundy William Green River WY
1943 RM Hutchison John New Bethlehem PA
1943 SF Chymczuk Peter Reading PA
1943 SF Johnson Clem Union NJ
1943 SF Quilty Edward Yonkers NY
1943 SK Grow Daniel Lower Marion PA
1943 SM Ross Gordon Ocala FL
1943 SM Waltz Richard Lodi OH
1943 WT Blum Donald Three Rivers MI
1943 WT Buksar Steve Hammond IN
1943 WT Donlin Hugh PA
1944 -- Bice John Sylmar CA
1944 -- Bice John Sylmar CA
1944 -- Panzardi Joe Flushing ` NY
1944 -- Welsh Joseph Rochester PA
1944 AS Bice John Waco TX
1944 ENS Moore William Sewell NJ
1944 RM Berry Schubert Cabin Creek WV
1944 SH Shay Elbert Salem MA
1944 SK Moore William Sewell NJ
1944 SK Moore William Philadelphia PA
1944 SM Hall Frank Appalachia VA
1945 Ferrell Billy Phoenix Az AZ
1945 CPO Blanchard Norman Saugus MA
1945 FN Zang Robert Detroit MI
1945 RM Goldberg David Lowell MA
1945 SF Bottorff Edwin ?????????? MN
1970 CPTN Silvers Richard --
1988 CMDR Gannon Harvey Norfolk VA
2003 CPO Capps Arna Kansas And Long Beac CA
34 SF Oleary Thomas Rochester NY





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