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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Immel Paul OH
1943 FC Schrank Walt Philadelphia PA
1943 LT Andrus Don San Francisco CA
1943 RD Corey Wilferd Brattleboro VT
1943 RT Wright Joseph Goodview Va VA
1943 SM Bowman Edwin Almon GA
1944 Briggs Jb
1944 Robshaw John Charles ME
1944 CM Mackenzie Roderick Boston MA
1944 CPO Smith Frank Lexington KY
1944 ENS Kutus Arthur Buffalo NY
1944 LT Crowe William (bill) Dos Palos CA
1944 MM Wright L.c. New Site MS
1944 PM Caldwell Joe Hartselle, Alabama AL
1944 SC Lindner John Clifton Springs NY
1944 SC Newton Clifford Hamburg NY
1944 SC Rizza Santo West Hartford CT
1944 SF Hurley Robert Washington, D.c. DC
1944 SK Dizefalo Raymond The Bronx NY
1944 SK Leen J.j. New York NY
1944 SM Campbell Dehewitt Somerset WI
1944 SN Mullin William Littleton MA
1945 AS Compis James Alton IL
1945 BM Immel Paul Waverly OH
1945 BM Molander Royal Garner IA
1945 BT Morrison Thomas Louisville KY
1945 CS Andrews Sherwood Bangor ME
1945 ENS Barker Gilbert Oakville LA
1945 ENS Shingleton Lawrence Fairmont WV
1945 ENS Washington William Clemson SC
1945 ENSN Slattery Bill Or Slatts Pasadena CA
1945 FC Morton Harold New Harbor ME
1945 GM Blackwell Arthur Milledgeville GA
1945 LT Andrus Don San Francisco CA
1945 LT Andrus Don San Francisco CA
1945 ME Wright L. C. New Site MS
1945 PFC Greiner Donald West New York NJ
1945 PFC Stock Karl Hamilton OH
1945 RM Bicknell Marvin (bink) St. Joseph MI
1945 SC Eddy Ralph H. Streator IL
1945 SC Rogers Dustan Old Town ME
1945 SM Donahue Joseph Westerly RI
1945 SM Hatch Robert Portland OR
1945 SM Jensen Grant Los Angeles CO
1945 SM Loomis Jo Chicago IL
1945 SN Loomis Jo Chicago IL
1945 SN Loomis Jo Chicago IL
1945 YN Wavra Bernard Angus MN
1946 AE Pursley Charles
1946 AE Yonce Wayne Compton CA
1946 BT Lamberth James Houston Tx TX
1946 EM Burns Robert Napa Valley CA
1946 EM Freeman D.G. ? IL
1946 EM Jones Called Him Alcholic Jones :--) Don\'t Remember
1946 EM Wileman Raymond Venice CA
1946 GM Head William H. Arden
1946 RM Canchola Joseph St. Joseph MO
1946 RM Hudson Charles Vernonia OR
1946 RM Smith Marvin Des Moines IA
1946 SC Denson Wayne Snyder TX
1946 SC Stevens Howard Gainsville TX
1946 SC Sumners Marion E Opelika AL
1946 SF Evans John Hominy OK
1946 SF Gray Herman Sedgwick AR
1946 SM Chinian Jack Newton MA
1946 SM Hershberger Gilbert South Pasadena CA
1946 SN Cahoon Jay Hinkley UT
1967 PC Rocha Raymond Flagstaff AZ
1979 PH Dahl Jon Bellingham WA





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