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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
- Minutoli Joseph Bayville NY
1940 Hamilton James Pecos TX
1940 Larsen Albin --
1940 Minutoli Joseph Bayville NY
1940 -- Bowers Howard Camp Springs MD
1940 -- Kiser Jack Frederic MI
1940 MM Tullos Hubert Bogalusa LA
1941 Hornbrook Ralph Belmont, California CA
1941 AE Lebrun Charles Houston TX
1941 BM Stobart Fred Franklin TX
1941 CPO George Loyal Wamego KS
1941 FC Smith Earl Rio Vista CA
1941 GM Drewien Max Carmel CA
1941 GM Hartsock Marshall Braddock PA
1941 GM Nelson Henry T. Cheyenne WY
1941 GM Sauerheber Henry Richard Corydon IN
1941 GM Villescas Florentino Los Angeles Ca. CA
1941 LCDR Shablowski Chester Mansville NJ
1941 LTJG Wimberly Frank New Orleans LA
1941 LTJG Wimberly F. C. (Frank) New Orleans LA
1941 MCPO Walsh James P. Cleveland OH
1941 MID1 Furnish Kennith Lexington KY
1941 MID3 Cole Jess Copperhill TN
1941 PFC Allen Eugene Phillip (gene) Joy IL
1941 SK Burnett Clarence Lawernceville IL
1941 SK Burnett Tim Flora IL
1941 SK Martin John New England ND
1942 CPO Barton Norman Monroe LA
1942 CS Mason Kenneth Oil City LA
1942 GM Christensen Carl I. Ferndale CA
1942 GM Ratcliff John Kirbyville TX
1942 HM Lopez Carmen Or David Santa Maira CA
1942 MID2 Radant James St. Paul MN
1942 MM Pesenti Raymond Templeton CA
1942 MM Reynolds Tommy Templeton CA
1942 PFC Piepke Herman Pauls Valley OK
1942 PVT Terry Thomas Bridgeport AL
1942 SSGT Tisell (deceased) George Brooklyn NY
1943 AB Williams Thomas Point Roberts WA
1943 AS Killinger William Chicago IL
1943 Diver Erbe Donald El Monte CA
1943 GM King Chuck Locksburg AR
1943 GM Mendoza John Austin TX
1943 MM Doe John Example AK
1943 PFC Wilson George Spring Valley NY
1943 QM Werner Herbert Effingham CA
1943 RM Davis Curtis Granger TX
1943 RM Jones Robert Dysart IA
1943 SGT Brinly Charles Indianapolis IN
1943 SK Cherwonsky Walter Bridgeport CT
1943 SN Bowersox Jerry Middleburg PA
1943 SN Bucha Steve Clarence PA
1943 SN Lance (deceased) J R Corpus Christi TX
1943 SO Louis Almon Tulsa OK
1944 ENS Golata Joseph Elmira NY
1944 FC Dussault John Purcell KS
1944 GM Bieske Don Detroit MI
1944 SC Quin-Son Frank W. Staten Island NY
1945 ENS Barker Harry Kansas City MO
1945 LTJG Trimble South Washington DC
1945 SM Johnson Chester Ohio Furnace OH
1997 BM Moran Jeff Carthage MO





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