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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1938 MM Rabner Walter Inglewood CA
1940 Perry Preston MS
1940 CPO Gardner Daniel Waverly IA
1940 CPO Morgan Billie Parkersburg WV
1941 Bailey Willaim MO
1941 Walker John T. Soperton GA
1941 -- Marek John Chicago IL
1941 AC Jaworski William West Middletown OH
1941 CPL Sanders Raymond Montezuma IA
1941 CPO Ainsley Harry Kailuakona HI
1941 CPO Palmer Ollie Macon, GA
1941 CS Brackett Elishia Batesville AR
1941 CWO Weiss Robert Flushing Queens, Ny NY
1941 GM Belding Lester Burlington Junction MO
1941 GM Hessie Tom Huntington Beach CA
1941 MID3 Royal Willis J. (bill) Iowa City IA
1941 PC Burnley Hank Bluefield WV
1942 Bost Dennis Clameston NC
1942 Cox Raymond N. Albany NY
1942 Farmer C. E. Corbin KY
1942 Helgeson Ed Myron Sunburg MN
1942 Hughes Harrel Hot Springs AR
1942 Stromer Ermin John Watkins IA
1942 Turtletaub Morty C. Bronx NY
1942 Vodenik C. L. Perry IA
1942 -- Hatfield David Tullahoma TN
1942 BM Baczewski Steve Harlingen TX
1942 EM Hearn Lavoid Bud Milburn OK
1942 EM Travis Frank Durham NC
1942 FC Holdeman Harvey (buck) Coalville/echo UT
1942 GM Adams Calbert Chester Dallas TX
1942 GM Adams Calbert Chester Dallas TX
1942 GM M Pablo Rowland Heights CA
1942 GS Jaurique Pablo Las Cruces NM
1942 RM Sturgeon Marvin Coos Bay OR
1942 SC Sewell Richard Sacramento WA
1942 SC Sewell Richard Sacramento WA
1942 SF Korzinski Thaddeus Bronx NY
1942 SM Doland Thomas Grnad Chenier LA
1942 YN Beach Jay Hamburg IA
1943 Flees George Milwaukee WI
1943 -- Garcia Hector Benavides TX
1943 AS Satterfield Eugene T Fairmont WV
1943 EM Danzi Mike Chicago IL
1943 LT Schick Adam Ellendale DE
1943 PT Patterson Donald Leo Grand Rapids MI
1943 RM Gardner William Covina CA
1943 RM Lochridge Blackburn (blackie) Houston TX
1943 RM Pauschert John Youngstown OH
1943 SF Garcia Edmundo El Paso TX
1943 SF Garcia Edmundo El Paso TX
1943 SF Lee Marvin Fredericksburg TX
1943 SF Lee Marvin Fredericksburg TX
1943 SK Eckard Luke Ridgeley WV
1943 SM Dahlstrom Charles Fredericksburg TX
1943 SM Organ Donald Anaheim CA
1943 ST Giglietti Luigi Providence RI
1944 -- Pedone Joseph Blythe CA
1944 AS Gunther Richard Indianapolis IN
1944 EM Dirnberger Joesph Marshall MN
1944 ENS Dobbins James Malcolm Corning CA
1944 FC Connolly John North Arlington NJ
1944 FC Dodds Donald Bogota NJ
1944 FC Fenner Edwin Providence RI
1944 FC West Robert Indianapolis IN
1944 GM Everroad Lewis M North Vernon IN
1944 LT Barber Harold San Francisco CA
1944 LT Miller Richard Los Angeles CA
1944 LTJG Galvin James Holstein IA
1944 PFC Kropiwnicki Zygmund Detroit MI
1944 RM Passerine Lawrence Anchorage AK
1944 RM Pauschert John Youngstown OH
1945 LTJG Haase Robert Arlington Heights IL
1946 RD Lane Kenneth Worcester MA
1946 SM Sauve Bernard Milwaukee WI
1947 ENSN Mcclinton Robert Sequim WA
1947 GM Hessie Tom Huntington Beach CA
1947 GM Stark Paul Nashville TN
1948 BM Moore Ollis Gastonia NC
1948 EM Craig Raymond Richmond VA
1948 ENS Stewart Dwight E. Millersburg OH
1948 LTJG Hall Henry Gig Harbor WA
1948 SM J Ohnson Dallas D.Boro. KY
1948 SN Smith Donald Fort Wayne IN
1948 SN Smith Donald Fort Wayne IN
1949 AB Ryan John A. Newburyport MA
1949 AB Ryan John A. Newburyport MA
1949 ET Fitch Charles Dalton MA
1949 IC Desider Michael Freehold NJ
1949 MM Duranti Raymond Clearwater FL
1949 MR Cornell Ronald North Atelboro MA
1949 SK Andrews James H. Pahrump NV
1950 DC Lyons Harold Buddy Peabody MA
1950 MM Cipollini John Homer City PA
1950 RM Mangano Frank Roselle NJ
1950 SH Williams Sherwin Bangor PA
1951 FN Mangano Frank Roselle NJ
1951 MID2 Barone Anthony Nutley NJ
1951 SN Relahan John Calais ME
1952 SN Paquette Ray Providence RI
1953 PFC Smith Jimmy Bristol TN
1953 QM Baker Donald Unadilla NY
1954 DK Mesimer William Salisbury GA
1954 FT Noetzel Herbert Waseca MN
1954 SK Groom MA
1954 TE Ellis James Birmingham AL
1955 EM Layne Bobby Cincinnati OH
1955 GM Doerler Robert Fairview NC
1955 IC Strother John Fredericksburg VA
1955 MM Allison Roland Weymouth MA
1955 RD Christman Donald Bethlehem PA
1955 RD Day Ralph Canton IL
1955 RD Jusbasic James Newport KY
1955 SK Martelli Michael Berwick PA
1955 SN Davidson Donald Akron OH
1955 SN Reilly Richard Bridgeport CT
1956 Abbott Robert Nutley NJ
1956 BT Manning Howard Ft. Ashby WV
1956 DK Bastien Ron Springfield MA
1956 HM Donnell Dale East St. Louis IL
38 MM Johnson William Joliet IL





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