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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
17 SD Estiller Teofilo Philippines CA
1940 -- Hall Henry Gig Harbor WA
1940 -- Hanson Palmer Baltic SD
1940 CPO Balbach Frederick O. Oakwood IL
1940 CPO Mead Raymond Eagle Grove IA
1940 SCPO Simpson George Louisville KY
1940 SN Manuel James Draper NC
1940 SSGT Sheffield Usmc W.M. BA
1941 -- Leroy Barker Hawthorne NV
1941 BM Maybury Ted Baltimore MD
1941 EM Kelley Robert J Alexis IL
1941 GM Ramsey Ralph Harlan KY
1941 YN Wilson Henry Lavonia GA
1942 -- Durham Elbert Waurika OK
1942 -- Hilton John Kannapolis NC
1942 BM Addison Hyde Springfield MO
1942 BM Endres Frank Akron OH
1942 EM Moreland Homer Russellville AL
1942 ENS Mead Raymond H Eagle Grove IA
1942 LTJG Gross Alden Canfield OH
1942 MM Kellem Darrell Wall SD
1942 PVT Cianciaruso Vito Brooklyn NY
1942 RM Johnson Wesley Bath SC
1942 RM Monfort William Tampa FL
1942 SN Calvin Donald Ravenna OH
1943 BM Lefebvre Allan Worcester MA
1943 FC Robbins John Wyoming PA
1943 FC Sparks Kenneth Oneida NY
1943 QM Richmond Ray Weirton WV
1943 QM Welsher Robert Canton OH
1943 QM Welsher Robert Canton OH
1943 RD Whitman Richard Toledo OH
1943 SN Pisarcik Edward Cleveland OH
1943 WT Paxson Gayle Salem OH
1943 WT Paxson Gayle Salem OH
1944 Geltzeiler Neilen Maplewood NJ
1944 -- Gregory William Owen Versailles KY
1944 FC Crutchfield Leslie Brewton AL
1944 FC Gaines Roy Lavonia GA
1944 GM Mcgee Joseph E Bessemer AL
1944 HM Hasty William Sterling MI
1944 LT Milford Richard So. Pekin IL
1944 PFC Jenter Ronald A. Manchester MI
1944 PH Dineen John Brockton MA
1944 RM Ryan John Cranston RI
1944 SM Beard Danny Hattiesburg MS
1944 SM Hanrahan Robert E. Drexel Hill PA
1944 SM Wilkes Sam Starkville MS
1944 SN Jaynes Jesse Lexington AL
1944 SN Walker John (Paul) Clyde NC
1944 YN Jeffries Richard Harrisburg PA
1945 Lane Calvin Lane NC
1945 -- Strubeck Donald Lake Grove NY
1945 AS Wyatt John Brooklyn NY
1945 BM Kellebrew Willie Omer Eudora AR
1945 FC Smith Floyd Saranac MI
1945 LTJG Nelson Charlie Charlotte NC
1946 BM
1946 PR Padgett Beverly Bedford VA
1946 SN Cawley Russell Gloversville NY
1946 ST Kemblowski Stephen T. Sennett NY
1964 RM Robinson Robbie Richmond Hill GA
1968 MID3 Foresecki George Orlando FL
1971 MS Мадырбаева Альбина Сольвычегодск NY
1999 21 Holmes David Brooklyn N
1999 CT Ramirez Joel San German PR
2015 CPTN Масютин Михаил Оренбург NY
36 GM Lovejoy Ken Chesapeak MO





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