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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1966 AE Kravitz Ron Phila PA
1966 AE Kravitz Ron Phila PA
1970 AM Isabella Dominic Philadelphia PA
1970 AW Lemire J Alfred Coatesville PA
1970 AW Mayer Gerard Philadelphia PA
1970 MCPO Mcbride Thomas Long Valley NJ
1970 MCPO Rimshaw William Philadelphia PA
1970 PR Peterson Darrell Feasterville PA
1971 AD Shupak Neil Cumming GA
1971 AE Davis D. Bruce Baltimore MD
1971 CPO Harrell John Willow Grove PA
1971 CPO Harrell John Willow Grove PA
1973 AT Kabitzke Gustave Milwaukee WI
1973 AT Kabitzke Gustave Milwaukee WI
1974 AX Agnoli Ed Souderton PA
1975 CPO Fogler Dennis Baltimore MD
1975 CPO Miller Mike Elmira NY
1975 MCPO Terry Rex Shawnee KS
1976 AM Carney Glenn Norwood PA
1976 YN Degarmo Jim Rock Creek OH
1979 AM Roberts Robbie Cassoday KS
1979 AT Smolenski Leon Perkasie PA
1980 AW Hough David Berwick PA
1981 AT Brown Keweun Temple TX
1981 ET Barrow John H. King Of Prussia PA
1982 AE Shelly Tom Fallsington PA
1984 AX Kennedy Rich Pittsburgh PA
1985 CPO Peoples Fred Norfolk VA
1987 AD Saunders Wyne Longmont CO
1987 AD Saunders Wayne Longmont CO
1987 YN Gorrell Harold Newark DE
1988 AW Andrews Scott Northampton PA
1989 AT Heulitt Dan Yardley PA
1993 AK Perkins Yvonne Cincinnati OH
1993 CPO Nerat J.r. Wallace MI
1994 AE Mcbride John The Woodlands TX
1994 CPO Henschel Mel Minneapolis MN
1996 MCPO Gensch Michael Bay Shore NY
2001 AT Logan Joseph Wildwood IL





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