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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1947 MCPO Lesperance Richard Attleboro MA
1950 AT Ditzler Bob Grinnell IA
1950 AT Koontz Max Kannapolis NC
1950 AT Shoultz Kenneth -kd- Pensacola FL
1953 Matt Henry SD
1954 AM Gludt Richard Perham, MN
1954 AO West Ronald La Porte TX
1954 AT Walter Larry Somerset PA
1956 AO Haynes Brian Pettibone ND
1956 AO Morrow Robert Kittanning PA
1957 AM Morris Jerry Centralia IL
1958 AM Cavanaugh James Detroit MI
1958 AT Moore Ronald C. Warrenton VA
1958 CPTN Hays James Denver CO
1959 AM Norman John Knoxville TN
1959 AT Barrett Chuck Texarkana TX
1959 AT Zafran Robert Brooklyn NY
1960 AE Thorsett Leonard Enumclaw WA
1960 AO Lindsay Howard Elgin OR
1960 AT Clark Bill Quezon City PI
1960 AT Myers Gerald Hastings NE
1961 AD Davis Gary Rural MO
1961 AO Allred Jack Woodland Park, CO
1961 AT Dixon Douglas Watsoville CA
1961 AT Greene David Ben Cincinnati OH
1961 AT Harris Bill \ Daytona Beach FL
1961 AT Zafran Robert Brooklyh Ny OH
1961 AX Andruszkewicz Stephen \ Long Island City NY
1962 AB Betters Tj Santa Ana CA
1962 AD Honaker John Winchester Center CT
1962 AM Costigan John Nyc NY
1962 AM Taylor Darvin Ludowici GA
1962 AT Douty Robert (bob) North Platte NE
1962 AT Klino Norman Lincoln Park MI
1963 AD Guempelein William Springfield OR
1963 AD Mosley Lou Senath MO
1963 AE Neveu Richard Antioch CA
1963 AM Bento Theodore (ted) Honolulu HI
1963 AT Halliburton Gary Whittier CA
1963 AX Brinkley Jere Union City TN
1963 AX Moore Carl San Francisco CA
1963 AX Zeiner Jim Waterloo IA
1964 AE Allen Walter Pauls Valley OK
1964 AE Allen Walter Sulphur OK
1964 AM Buchnat Ron Chicago IL
1964 AO Leonard Charles H Memphis TN
1964 LCDR Montgomery Herbert E Mc Cook NE
1965 AD Gulliksen Gary Denver CO
1965 AM Walker Gerald Minden LA
1965 AO Allred John Woodland Park CO
1965 AO Autrand Jimmy Merced CA
1965 AO Autrand Jimmy Merced CA
1965 AO Autrand Jimmy Merced CA
1965 AO Autrand Jimmy Merced CA
1965 AT Donan Robert Lakewood CA
1965 AX Jones Roger Quarryville PA
1965 CPTN Walker Charles(chuck) Sylvester GA
1966 AD Evans Bruce S. Las Cruces NM
1966 AM Latterner Steven Excelsior MN
1966 AO Melnick Toad Clearwater FL
1966 AX Allen Gary Lamberville MI
1967 AD Evans Bruce Las Cruces NM
1967 AX Binder Harry Unknown NC
1968 Hawkins Charles --
1968 AM Leonhardt William Staten Island NY
1968 AM Leonhardt William Staten Island NY
1968 AT Armstrong Kenneth Snohomish WA
1968 AT Flynn Gary Bellflower CA
1968 AT Lovelace Kenneth Uncertain TX
1968 AT Lovelace Kenneth Uncertain TX
1968 AT Owens Jack Unknown WA
1968 AW Few Jerry Dickson TN
1968 AW Harris Calvin Grants Pass OR
1968 AW Harris Calvin Grants Pass OR
1968 ET Flynn Gary Bellflower CA
1969 AD Berghof Buzz William Indian Mills NJ
1969 AE Carson Mike Iowa Falls IA
1969 AE Carson Mike Iowa Falls IA
1969 AW Sanders Gary Tyler TX
1969 AZ Mccarty Richard Burleson TX
1970 AM Staggs Bobby Osceola AR
1971 AE Breshears Charley Hot Springs AR
1971 AO Smith Mike OK
1971 AO Wilder Tom Van Nuys CA
1971 AT Keeland Jay Oak Grove AR
1971 AT Warren John Houston TX
1971 CMDR Dietz Gary Davenport IA
1971 LCDR Bartleson Bob Edmonds WA
1971 LCDR Coll Rafael San Juan PR
1971 LT Zafran Robert Brooklyn NY
1972 AW Brooks Steven San Luis Obispo CA
1972 AX Valenza Frank Miami FL
1972 LT Kohout Chris Nebraska City NE
1972 LT Mc Stay Jim Houston TX
1972 LTJG Russell David Gastonia NC
1973 AX Valenza Frank Miami FL
1973 YN Anderson Bob Chicago IL
1974 AW Nelson James Melrose MA
1974 AW Schultz Michael Melrose FL
1974 AW Smith Leon San Francisco CA
1974 LCDR Winstead Tony Dresden TN
1975 AE Flores Francisco San Diego TX
1975 AM Chicvara Michael Chicago IL
1975 AW Carman Larry Dinuba CA
1975 CPO Hames Lawrence Eden NY
1976 AM Meek Michael Sand Springs OK
1976 AW Charpentier Tom Orange CA
1976 AX Eubanks Stephen (cotton) Ringling OK
1976 DK Foubert Myrle (al) Spokane WA
1977 AW Flanagan Bob Hamden CT
1977 AW Van Effen John Escanaba MI
1977 CMDR Dannecker Ron South Weymouth MA
1978 AO Green Tim Bronx, New York NY
1978 LCDR Bogert (bogie) David (van) New Paltz NY
1978 MCPO Strehl Rich Temecula CA
1978 PN Pascua Frank El Centro CA
1979 AB Mendoza Charlie San Jose CA
1980 AD Kloes Michael Melrose NM
1980 AD Kloes Michael Melrose NM
1980 AW Brooks Kevin Memphis TN
1981 AT Osborne Henry Westminster MA
1983 YN Glasscock Leeland Mobile AL
1984 AB Ricciuti Nick Brick NJ
1984 AD Martinez Christopher Pleasanton CA
1984 AE Kitch Dennis Pratt KS
1984 AE Kitch Dennis Pratt KS
1984 HM Burns Scott
1984 PN Krauss James Chicago IL
1984 PN Krauss James Hazel Crest IL
1984 PN W James Chicago IL
1984 PN W James Chicago IL
1984 YN Mortin Rick PA
1984 YN Rawlins Jeff OH
1985 AM Taylor Robert --
1986 AM Morrill James Reseda CA
1988 AX Felker Mike Detroit MI
1992 SCPO Mcentee Mike Lewisville TX
1994 AD Decker Philip San Jose CA
1997 AW Lapidus Ruth IL
2007 AD Hall William Eagleville TN





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