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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Cormier Armand Chicopee MA
1941 Cormier Armand (Corky) Chicopee MA
1949 RM Henninger Terry Gales Ferry CT
1951 AD Hall Les Richmond VA
1951 AD Herman Glen Irvington NJ
1951 AT Cypret Jack Eureka,kansas KS
1951 AT Young James Lakeland GA
1952 Walker Ad3
1952 AE Ellingsworth James Louisville KY
1952 AE Vital Jim Lancaster PA
1952 AT Flaherty Robert Cary NC
1952 AT Johnson Stephen Williston Park NY
1953 AD Mahood Richard Newsburgh NY
1953 AT Locey Robert A. Saco ME
1954 AT Prezuhy Joe Johnstown PA
1955 AK Walz Ray Phila. PA
1955 AT Abraham Thomas Geneva NY
1955 AT Chappuis Robert Faro Adult MN
1955 AT Dixon Frank (lucky) Hendersonville NC
1955 AT Hood John San Antonio TX
1955 AT Pope Harry New York NY
1955 AT Wilson Robert Philadelphia PA
1956 AT Siecinski James Perth Amboy NJ
1956 AT Yates John New Rochelle NY
1956 LT Oneil William Pawtucket RI
1957 AD Steffen Gene Palisade CO
1957 AE Carril Andy New Hyde Park NY
1957 AE Perrone Jerome (jerry) New York City NY
1957 AM Coulter Robert Clay WV
1957 AT Erdos Bob Kent OH
1957 AT Torgerson Clarence Luverne MN
1957 LT Oneil William Pawtucket RI
1959 AE Kittredge Walter Fort Myers FL
1959 AT Fisher John Burlington VT
1959 AT Fortenberry Jerry Morton MS
1959 AT Lincoln Glen Mexico MO
1959 AT Mihalko Joseph Whippany NJ
1959 AT Wilson Larry Akron OH
1960 AE Duke Ducharm
1960 AO James Dempsey (jesse) Pensacola FL
1960 AO Warnick Alan Philadelphia PA
1960 AO Warnick Alan
1960 AT Cantwell John C Breckenridge TX
1960 AT Hess George
1960 AT Jenkins Joe
1960 AT Kelly Jim
1960 AT Mathers Ray MI
1961 AM Boynton Terry Hartford MI
1961 AT Russell Jim IL
1961 AX Stees William Harrisburg PA
1962 AD Hoppe Virgil St Paul MN
1962 AE Lewis Kenneth Chicago IL
1962 AE Wheeler Burton Rockville CT
1962 AT Boyle Kenneth Bay Head NJ
1962 AT Smith John Monterey CA
1963 AD Donnelly Bruce Virginia Beach VA
1963 AT Swancey Wade Marietta GA
1963 AW Wagner Joseph Howard Malvern PA
1963 AX Appleby Don St Paul MN
1964 AD St.pierre Norman Chatham MA
1964 AE Kosak Bruce Brick Town NJ
1964 AT Rush. Larry Plainfield IN
1964 AX Anderson Joseph Smyrna GA
1964 AX Whitmire Dale Canton OH
1965 AO Veness Robert St.louis MO
1965 AT Mckenna John \ Akron OH
1965 AT Mckenna John Akron OH
1965 AX Babins Stuart Miami FL
1965 AX Babins Stuart Miami FL
1966 AE Lindberg Merrill(mick) Northfield MN
1966 AZ Hill Waverly Mobile AL
1966 SM Osenbaugh Ted Amarillo TX
1966 SM Osenbaugh Ted Amarillo TX
1967 AM Mcconnell Robert Powhatan VA
1967 LT Hurrelbrink Kenneth Wayne MI
1967 PH Lee Terrence Joseph Tucson AZ
1967 PH Swift Clyde Middleboro MA
1968 AE Grant Bob Oxon Hill MD
1968 AW Hartzell Frank Hillsboro OR
1968 AX Apleby Don St Paul MN
1968 AX Appleby Don St Paul MN
1968 AX Lyons Ronald Jacksonville AL
1969 AW Nash Charles Newpoprt News VA
1970 AE Newman Paul Largo FL
1970 AM Froelich Mike Winston-salem NC
1970 CPO Andreoli Charles Ridgecrest CA
1970 MCPO Frush James Warsaw IN
1971 AE Newman Paul Largo FL
1971 AM Halfhill Jerry Dubuque IA
1971 AT Morrison Dennis Seabrook TX
1971 AT Morrison Dennis Seabrook TX
1971 AT Morrison Dennis Seabrook TX
1971 AT Morrison Dennis Seabrook TX
1971 CPO Gardner Jerome Hollister MO
1972 AD Gaudette Michael Uncasville CT
1972 AE Merrill Eddie Columbus GA
1972 AK Rivera Angel Corozal PR
1972 AK Tallo Matthew J Scranton PA
1972 AX Marotta Ray Lyons CO
1972 CPO Alaimo William R. Salem NH
1972 CPO Lane Woody Fairmont WV
1973 AB Umbenhower Brian Willow Springs MO
1973 AT Ruesch Keith Milwaukee WI
1974 AS Schulze Ronald Belford NJ
1974 PN Phillips Bobby NC
1975 AM Faucheux Roche Norco LA
1975 AM Krasko Rich Yonkers NY
1976 AD Mowry Bill Somerset PA
1976 AD Taylor Chet Narragansett RI
1976 AW Shannon Ralph (skip) Springfield MO
1976 AZ Wagonmaker Randy Kalamazoo MI
1977 AB Moore Gentris Indianapolis IN
1977 AB Moore Gentris Indianapolis IN
1977 AK Miller Carl Cleveland OH
1977 AM Guadalupe Enrique Bronx NY
1977 AT Tierney Timothy Southgate MI
1977 AW Lissell Thomas Boston MA
1977 YN Moorhead Joseph Wellsville PA
1978 AB Mccoy Stanley Virginia Beach Virginia VA
1978 AB Santiago Joe Jacksonville FL
1978 AD Barday Dana Christopher CO
1978 AD Williams Eric Ormond Beach FL
1978 AE Shattuck Brad Derby VT
1978 AM Anderson Andy
1978 AM Smith Ricky Kansas City KS
1978 AW Johnson Curtiss Rochester MN
1979 AD Rowland John Pittsburgh PA
1979 AE Encarnacao Paul Lynn MA
1979 AM Hisey Charles Rock Island IL
1979 AT Greene John Goffstown NH
1979 AT Greene John Goffstown NH
1979 AT Greene John Goffstown NH
1979 AW Delair Kevin Agawam MA
1979 AW Schmahl Jay New Milford CT
1979 PR Krenek Jim San Antonio TX
1979 YN Krenek Mary San Antonio TX
1980 Sass Robert
1980 AD Komindo Charles Detroit MI
1980 AT Smith George Sandusky OH
1980 AW Kelly Tom Cornwall NY
1980 AW Stolarski Paul Pleasant Valley NY
1980 AZ Henderson Monty Emmett ID
1981 AD Steinhoff Franklin East Jordan MI
1981 AT Thomas Brian Burlington CT
1981 AW Faul Mike Boston MA
1981 AW Obenshain Eidsell C. \\ San Antonio TX
1983 AD Figueroa Edwin Daly City CA
1983 AM Brown Charles Bronx NY
1984 SCPO Violette Galen Caribou ME
1985 AM Oswald Ralph Gunnison CO
1986 AM Murphy William N Little Rock AR
1987 AE Claffey Brian Hull MA
1987 AE Spencer Ronald Orlando FL
1987 AW Hallbourg Keith Pepperell MA
1987 LT Kusmierz Richard Bay City MI
1987 YN Townsend Brian --
1988 AM Doe Steve Fostoria OH
1988 AM Ellenberger Erik Pittsburgh PA
1988 AT Jansen Dave St Paul MN
1988 AW Cross David Lordstown OH
1989 AD Webster Rob Warren MI
1989 LT Garrett Jerry Jacksonville FL
1989 PR Richley Michael Cleveland OH
1990 AM Miller Kelvin Lagrange IL
1993 AD Christian Gary Xenia OH
1994 AM Lafountaine Steven Syracuse NY
1994 CS Taylor Michele Bridgeport CT
1995 AT Kusnick David Westfield MA
1996 AD Brooks Robert Houston TX
1996 AM Douglas Jeromy Rancho Cordova CA
1996 MS Taylor Michele Bridgeport CT
1999 PR Woods John Orlando FL
2000 AD Hall William Eaglville TN
2000 AD Morrill William North Little Rock AR
2001 AT Jones Daniel Easton MD
2002 AE Jawdat Marcus Chicago IL
2002 AO Zunker Chris Denver CO
2002 AZ Postell Joseph Chattanooga TN
2006 CMDR Brennan Kevin Malden MA
2006 SCPO Mcgee Roger Detroit MI





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