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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1951 PH Bonjorni Edward Ellensburg WA
1951 PH Gold Herbert Paterson NJ
1955 AD Lehman Jack Scottsbluff NE
1955 AK Gagliardo Ettore New Castle PA
1955 PH Miner Myron Chester PA
1956 AD Swinford Marion Summerville GA
1956 AE Danarsdale Jack Lakewood NJ
1956 AE Linn J. Birney Monticello FL
1956 AM Mcgrane Everett Salem MA
1956 AT Moller Larry Vancouver WA
1957 AD Brown James Atlanta GA
1957 AD Dwyer John Hialeah FL
1957 AD Pettio Rocco Trenton NJ
1957 AD Stokes David Ann Arbor MI
1957 AD Taylor James Carson City NV
1957 AM Pornovets Michaej Waverly GA
1957 AT Mckenna John Akron OH
1958 AD Olson Anthony Oley Norfolk NE
1958 AM Simmons Lonnie Palatka FL
1958 AO Dory Tom
1959 AE Miley Virgil GA
1959 AT Rankin Thomas Lexington KY
1959 LCDR Price Charles
1960 AD Santiago Fernando New York City NY
1960 AD Schwartz Fred Atlanta GA
1960 AD Sypher Clifford Hartford CT
1960 AT Eccleston John East Liverpool OH
1960 ENS Johns John
1960 JO Brumm James Racine WI
1960 PN Farr Jesse Atlanta GA
1961 AD Wallace Peter Natick MA
1961 AE Gregory Richard Indianapolis IN
1961 AE Mcdade Bruce Union SC
1961 AM Hearn Bill Clearwater FL
1961 AN Kennedy Albert New Orleans LA
1961 AT Shutt John Arbyrd MO
1961 PH Peiffer James Bloomington IL
1961 PT Kissa Peter Danielson CT
1961 YN Kelly Kenneth Hardwick VT
1962 Cross William Albert 111 Dallas TX
1962 Cross William Albert 111 Dallas TX
1962 AD Lefler Lester Covington VA
1962 AD Lefler Lester Covington VA
1962 AE Forrest Lacy Waco TX
1962 AE Hertzog Barry Windham OH
1962 AE Smith Jerry Largo FL
1962 AM Tucker Gerald Birmingham AL
1962 AO Lyle Kenneth Brooklyn NY
1962 ENSN Damico John Erie PA
1962 ENSN Damico John Erie PA
1963 AD Mullenix Bobby Bragg City MO
1963 AD Raymond Robert Hughsonville NY
1963 AD Raymond Robert Jacksonville FL
1963 AM Craft Roscoe Aberdeen SD
1963 AM Williams Patrick Minneapolis MN
1963 AT Engler Greg Lawrenceburg IN
1963 AT Hanna Ed Rockford IL
1963 AT Hanna Ed Rockford IL
1963 AT Reed Tom Grand Rapids MI
1963 AT Reed Tom Grand Rapids MI
1963 AT Reed Tom Grand Rapids MI
1963 PR Mills Estill Gene Cincinnati OH
1963 YN Elder Kent Bowling Green FL
1964 AD Mullenix Donald Bragg City MO
1964 PH Plourde Lawrence Hartford CT
1964 SN Buesing Frank Mchenry IL
1966 AM Clayton Jimmie TN
1966 AM Isabella Artie Buzzy Saugerties NY
1966 MID1 Quist Alan Worcester MA
1966 PH Bregoli Richard Concord MA
1966 PH Horgan Jim Walpole MA
1966 PT Crawford Richard Brooklyn NY
1967 AM Rios James CT
1973 YN Richter David Reno NV
1976 MS Rathbun Kenneth Portland OR





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