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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 AO Scott Charles Savannah GA
1955 AN Miller Frederick Ballston Spa NY
1962 AD Williams Gary Masslin OH
1971 AO Nichols Donald Osceola AR
1971 AQ Gallik David Pittsburgh PA
1981 AT Ritts Donald Riviera Beach FL
1981 CMDR Rolf Robert Athens AL
1982 AO Vaughan John Decatur TX
1983 YN Knight Steve Clearwater FL
1984 AM Garcia Louie East Los Angeles CA
1984 AZ Lamson Dave Kent OH
1984 MCPO Drake Frank Willacoochee GA
1984 NC Mccafferty Harry Troy MO
1985 AD Neeley Bryan Spring Branch TX
1986 AD Beal Richard Agoura Hills CA
1986 AE Landeros Roberto San Benito TX
1986 AE Nickel Robert Fremont OH
1986 AO Ryan Daniel Patchogue NY
1986 AT Barnes Reginald Augusta GA
1986 AT Karnbauer George Pittsburgh PA
1986 AZ Neet David Portland WA
1986 AZ Neet David Portland OR
1986 MS Tuenge Darrell Denver CO
1987 AO Boughton David TX
1987 AT Yvorra Joe Pittsburgh PA
1987 CPO Christensen Chris Pensacola FL
1988 AE Rivera Lance Guam CA
1988 AO Manley Mike Mobile AL
1988 AO Manley Mike Mobile AL
1988 AO Manley Mike Mobile AL
1988 SCPO Lightner Mike Ocean Springs MS
1989 AE Stickler Jeff Anderson IN
1989 AQ Ackerman Dave Berkley MI
1990 AD Barnette Jeff Muscle Shoals AL
1990 AD Lyons Christian Hilliard FL
1990 AM Custer Philip Shipman IL
1990 AM Moore Brian Panama City FL
1990 AO Padron Pete Mcallen TX
1990 AO Sughrue Jeff Lockhart TX
1991 AM Raffelson Rex Bozeman MT
1991 AT Clark Richard Fort Worth TX
1991 SCPO Monahan Robert Harrison MI
1991 YN Pugh Rick New Port Richey FL
1992 AE Pearce Darren San Bernardino CA
1992 AE Pearce Darren Nashville TN
1993 AK Ratliff Paul Snead AL
1993 AO Hybbeneth Steven Warwick NY
1993 AT Burke Lloyd Peoria IL
1993 MS Caldwell Jef Buffalo NY
1993 MS Smith James New York NY
1993 PN Langston Tyler Boulder City NV
1994 AE Georgel Charles New Orleans LA
1994 AE Minks Michael Burbank OH
1994 AE Teal David Salem OR
1994 AM Johansen Timothy Orlando FL
1994 AT Cherry Christopher Gracemont OK
1995 AE Ward Jeff Roswell NM
1995 AM Templar Danny Camden SC
1995 AO Chilton Steve Marietta GA
1995 AT Kropilaski Jason --
1995 PN Samuels Dabureau Savannah GA
1995 YN Stahl David Atlanta GA
1996 AM Carabetta Kevin Meriden CT
1996 AM Sticka Mike San Deigo CA
1996 AO Cornell Jason Gainesville FL
1996 AT Williams Bobby Newport News VA
1996 HM Bawroski Edward Baltimore MD
1997 AE Willman Chad Cedar Rapids IA
1997 AM Ortiz Pedro Guayama PR
1997 AM Williams Bryce Hastings NE
1997 AO Johnson Marcus Memphis TN
1997 AT Jordan Derron Fort Walton Beach FL
1997 AZ Mitchell Steven Chicago IL
1998 AM Kristoferson Eric Yorktown NY
1998 AO Lowery Tim Hollidaysburg PA
1998 AT Jordan Derron Ft Walton Beach FL
1999 Delgado Daniel Orlando FL
1999 AO Abramowski Dan Sound Beach NY
1999 LTJG Hartsell Donald Riverside CA
2001 AO Caruso Eric San Marcos CA
2001 AT Strain Noel Boise ID
2001 MCPO Peterson Brian Blue Grass IA
2002 AO Yates David Pittsford NY
2004 AE Willman Chad Cedar Rapids IA





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