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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1958 AQ Ribera Joseph Sunnyvale CA
1960 AD Niehaus John Slayton MN
1960 AD Sarles Jack A Weirton WV
1960 SCPO Chandler Eugene L. (tex) Woodsboro TX
1961 AD Needom Michael Gretna LA
1961 AQ Holokan Joseph Harrison AR
1961 AT Palmer Thomas W. Statesville NC
1961 CS Richardson Daniel Portland OR
1961 PR Shearin Roger Minturn CO
1962 AD Fisher Bill Indianapolis IN
1962 AD King Ken Revere MA
1962 AD Metcalfe Jim Minneapolis MN
1962 AD Mosman Richard Tucson AZ
1962 AE Hensley Joe IL
1962 AE Le Couteur Don Independence OR
1962 AK Allen James Sedalia KY
1962 AT Lalley John Philadelphia PA
1963 AQ Shelton Al Omaha NE
1963 AT Duff Raymond Detroit MI
1963 PR Giroir Mcarthur Gibson LA
1963 SCPO Nobes Kyle Lemoore CA
1964 AD Parks Marvin San Diego CA
1964 AD Schmidt Frank Bloomington MN
1964 AK Kemp Raymond Defreestville NY
1964 AM Bonner Milton Columbus GA
1965 AM Bennington Jerry Newcastle IN
1965 AO Williams C.t. Goldsboro NC
1966 AE Haskins Chuck Saranac MI
1966 AE Mattson Bob Princeton MN
1966 AM Brinton David Lynn MA
1966 AT Delpino John Yuma AZ
1966 AZ Lifritz William Ferguson MO
1967 AD Lorenger Albert Detroit MI
1967 AD Lorenger Albert { Chico } Detroit MI
1967 AD Mills Bob Camden NJ
1967 AM Marshall Delbert Pasadena TX
1967 AN Bessette Charles Cohoes NY
1967 AO Mockus Alan Glastonbury CT
1967 AQ Turbanic Charles Fairmont WV
1967 AT Koczera Stanley New Bedford MA
1967 AT Lewis Gary Cumberland MD
1967 AT Schoch Bruce NH
1967 AT Thompson Travis Chicago Heights IL
1967 YN Gorski James Uniontown PA
1968 AD Irizarry Jim Lacrosse IN
1968 AM Muys James (jim) Akron MI
1968 AO Sinatra Andy Passaic NJ
1968 AO Spencer Doug Knoxville TN
1968 AT Bowles Larry Mobile AL
1968 AT Dickerson Leonard Zebulon GA
1968 LCDR Clexton Ed Virginia Beach VA
1968 LT Mc Murtry George Boston MA
1969 AD Rigney Jr. William John Cranfills Gap TX
1969 AE Fore Robert Houston TX
1969 AN Brown Allan Walnut CA
1969 AN Westdal Dale Bloomington MN
1970 AD Haverly Michael Renton WA
1970 AO Booth Daniel Plant City FL
1970 AO Sheive Donald San Diego CA
1970 AQ Barnes Charles Ontario CA
1970 AQ Borgeson Dale Minneapolis MN
1970 AZ Higgins Jim Melbeta NE
1970 LT Mckinney Clemmie --
1970 PN Miller Joseph Pacifica CA
1971 AD Schmidt Thomas Omaha NE
1971 AD Schmidt Thomas Omaha NE
1971 AQ Durand Dennis New Brunswick NJ
1971 AQ Morrison Bob Torrance CA
1971 AS Mingee Bob Chicago IL
1971 AT Roberts William Arlington Heights, Illinois IL
1971 AZ Williamson Terry Lake Charles LA
1972 AM Retherford Steven St Louis MO
1972 AM Retherford Steven St Louis MO
1972 AO Holt Dana Mesa AZ
1972 AO Slough Jimmy Cooper TX
1972 AQ Carson James Vandalia IL
1972 AQ Trimble Jerald Grand Junction CO
1972 AT Messick Michael Sugar Grove OH
1972 AT Roberts William Arlington Heights IL
1972 AT Szymanski William Alpena MI
1975 Mcgrady Glenn
1975 AD Platt Mark Torrance CA
1975 AD Walker Pike MI
1975 AE Fore Robert Houston TX
1975 AQ Steinike Steven Oshkosh WI
1975 AT Dredge Allan Shelley ID
1975 YN Lurk Richard Harvard NE
1976 AM Martinez Steve El Monte CA
1976 AO Lightfoot Lee Odessa TX
1976 AQ Walck James Allentown PA
1976 AQ Whitfield David Calico Rock AR
1977 AM Hussain Mohammed Y. San Francisco CA
1977 AO Nuzzi Paul Audubon NJ
1977 SCPO Egger Fred Richmond CA
1978 AQ Mccabe Jay Colona IL
1979 AE Price James Moravian Falls NC
1979 AM Jones Jacque CA
1979 AQ Myers Don San Angelo TX
1979 AQ Pappas Marc Columbus OH
1979 SCPO Szymanski Joseph Edinboro PA
1980 AK Wescott Paul Auburn WA
1980 PR Cain Bill Hobbs NM
1980 YN Dan Brown MN
1981 AE Jaglowitz Stephen Riverdale IL
1981 AE Jaglowitz Stephen Riverdale IL
1981 AQ Baker Jon Key Largo FL
1981 CMDR Yakeley Jay Phoenix AZ
1982 AN Degrave Dan Dallas TX
1982 AO Andrews Alan Macomb IL
1982 AQ Kearney John Hendersonville TN
1982 CPO Hopkins John Murfreesboro TN
1982 MS Bailey William Lacey WA
1983 AE Accarrino Mike Hollywood FL
1983 AE Chipley Robert Craig Phoenix AZ
1983 AO Blunk Michael Port Angeles WA
1983 YN Sylvester Nelson Breaux Bridge LA
1984 AD Douglas Vincent Atlanta GA
1984 AM Adams Thomas Indianapolis IN
1984 AM Arbise Greg Streator IL
1984 AM Duffek Mike Sacramento CA
1984 AM Duffek Mike Sacramento CA
1984 AM Notaro Spanky Clinton MA
1984 AM Odivilas Ananias San Diego CA
1984 AM Thomas Patrick Butte MT
1984 LT Montijo John Jacksonville FL
1985 AD Cook Donald Houston TX
1985 AE Scott Lawrence Memphis TN
1985 AQ Norcutt Michael Baldwin Park CA
1985 AQ Noyes Tim Nashua NH
1985 MCPO Layton Robert Pauls Valley OK
1985 SCPO Taylor Bill Vista CA
1986 AD Esguerra Ernie Longbeach CA
1986 AM Garrovillo Michael Copperas Cove TX
1986 AT Shelton Ron Hopkinsville KY
1986 AZ Bisohp Clint Tunnel Hill IL
1987 AM Swain Robert San Diego CA
1987 AS Cain Judy Phoenix AZ
1987 PR Barrera Jesse San Antonio TX
1987 PR Cain Bill Metropolis IL
1988 AO Davis Scott Cleveland OH
1988 LTJG Steward H Brooklyn NY
1988 NC Blake William Charlotte NC
1989 AO Anderson Steven Grand Forks ND
1989 AQ Miller Sean Phoenix AZ
1989 AT Yurescko Mark East Stroudsburg PA
1990 AE Noonan Patrick Corona CA
1990 AK Clifton Earl Galloway OH
1990 AM Jugoz Nathan R Hilo HI
1990 AN Navorska Howard Casper WY
1990 AT Tidwell Steven Post TX
1990 AZ Trahan Jason Saginaw MI
1990 LT Smithson James --
1992 AE Medlock Jason Collinsville OK
1992 AZ Owen Jeremy Minneapolis MN





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