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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1950 AM Vaw33 Raymond Boston MA
1956 AD Reynolds John Glen Cove NY
1956 AT Cregg Francis Dudley MA
1956 AT Zwonitzer Gary Holton KS
1956 AT Zwonitzer Gary Holton KS
1957 AD Neff Richard Springfield PA
1957 AE Farrell Harold Thorofare NJ
1958 AD Moody James Claremont NH
1958 AK Cregg Mike Dudley MA
1958 AK Ward Eugene WV
1958 AT Dugan Jim Wildwood NJ
1958 AT Stone Jimmy Sparta TN
1958 PN Culver William Princess Anne MD
1958 PT Palmer Myron (mickey): Adams NY
1958 PT Palmer Myron (mickey): Adams NY
1959 AT Hammond John Newtown PA
1959 AT Petersen Einar Pensacola FL
1959 AT Soltis Ronald Kenilworth NJ
1959 AT Stone Jimmy Sparta TN
1960 AD Eidson Randall ( Randy ) Springfield OH
1960 AD Gangi Vincent Bronx N.y. NY
1960 AD Hackem John Detroit MI
1960 AM Raffa Joseph Philadelphia PA
1960 AM Schmelzer Harold East Gary IN
1960 AN Nye Raymond Boston MA
1960 LT Gropper Richard Wilmington DE
1960 LT Gropper Richard Wilmington DE
1960 LT Onksen Peter Anderson IN
1961 Lemke Alan
1961 Tumlin Jerry AL
1961 AD Bendy Ken Quincy PA
1961 AD Kanyon Ed Baldwin Park Calif CA
1961 AE Skabelli Thomas Hersey PA
1961 AE Wood James AL
1961 AM Cribbs Jim Manchester TN
1961 AM Finchum Johnny O Newport TN
1961 AN Calafiore Michael Brooklyn NY
1961 AZ Nozzarella Chris Pittsburgh PA
1961 CPO Shann Patrick San Bernardino CA
1961 EA Erwin Paul Roswell GA
1961 EA Hanlin
1961 LTJG Lescher Bradford Chicago IL
1961 LTJG Wagner James Pittsburgh PA
1962 AD Bartley Donald Cromwell CT
1962 AD Mynatt William Knoxville TN
1962 AE Blumenreiter John Brooklyn NY
1962 AM King James Harrison AR
1962 AM Ryan Jack Fort Myers FL
1962 AM Solimeo Joe Staten Island NY
1962 AM Taylor Henry (hs) Miami FL
1962 AM Willens Richard Peabody MA
1962 AN Neuroth Vincent Salem NJ
1962 AN Neuroth Vince Salem NJ
1962 AT Hamilton Michael Tom Bean TX
1962 AT Joseph Charles Orig. Staten Is. N.Y MD
1962 AT Leyden Peter Brooklyn NY
1962 LT Morgan Howard Mayo FL
1962 LTJG Donovan O.j. Wilmington DE
1962 PN Schuhmann Hank New York City NY
1963 AD Miller Harry Franklinville NY
1963 AE Hasher Dave Phila PA
1963 AT Baker Fred Roswell NM
1963 AT Bogart John Pinehurst NC
1963 AT Harrison George Odessa TX
1963 AT House Charles Manchester KY
1963 ENS Pendarvis Anthony Brooklyn NY
1963 PN Kasavana Steve New York City - Queens NY
1964 AD Folkers Robert (dog) Green IA
1964 AD Orr Steve Lancaster WI
1964 AD Wagner James New York City NY
1964 AD White Harrie Alexandria VA
1964 AM Kist Chuck Twin Lakes WI
1964 AM Sieve Dennis Wilmont MN
1964 AT Keefe Tim Odessa FL
1964 AT Long Cliff Huron OH
1964 AT Madden Thomas New York City NY
1964 AT Mccann Gordon Douglassville PA
1964 LTJG Johnson Bruce Munster IN
1964 LTJG Oconnor Jeremiah Fredericksburg
1964 LTJG Oconnor Jeremiah (Jerry) Fredericksburg VA
1964 PN Vore Vincent Wooster OH
1965 AK Rule Clarence Walled Lake MI
1965 AT Want George Las Cruces NM
1966 AD Goedke Don Arlington Heights IL
1966 AE Bauer James Wausau WI
1966 AE Cover Ken Kirkland WA
1966 AE Cover Ken Kirkland WA
1966 AK Kilgore Larry Wayne MI
1966 AM Ayers William Nashville TN
1966 AT Slinsky Edward Nyc NY
1966 AT Want George J. Las Cruces NM
1966 AT Want George J. Las Cruces NM
1967 Brown Charlie
1967 AT Pleasant Jerry Flint TX





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