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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1966 AD Authement Michael New Orleans LA
1966 AD Hargis Terry Roxboro NC
1966 AT Kalenak John Saginaw MI
1966 AT Wentworth James Brainerd MN
1967 AE Proulx Tom Middlebury CT
1967 AE Proulx Tom Middlebury CT
1967 AN Gay Jerry Savannah GA
1967 AT Tollin Geoffry Canton OH
1967 PN Murphy Mike Camden NJ
1967 SN Summers Rick Lapuente CA
1968 AK Phillips Samuel Mt. Vernon IL
1968 AM Morgan Brian Farmingdale NY
1968 AM Randis Joe Warminster PA
1968 AM Randis Joe Warminster PA
1968 AS Davis Ernest Oklahoma City OK
1968 AT Popen Gary Rochester NY
1969 AM Heifort Gary Vining MN
1969 AT Mills Gary Oklahoma City OK
1969 LT Mueller Richard Alma WI
1970 Davinsky
1970 Dovinsay G
1970 Dovinsky
1970 AD Lowery Martin Jacksonville OH
1970 AE Larkin James A (jim) Pennsauken NJ
1970 AM Pfefferkorn John Beloit KS
1970 AT Mcintosh D
1970 AT Popen G
1970 HM Hall Donald Houston TX
1970 HM Hall Donald Houston TX
1971 AD Kelly,clifford AK
1971 AD Cortez Jose Otisville NY
1971 AD Kelly Clifford AK
1971 AD Lowery Martin
1971 AD Sena Robert CA
1971 AE Gonzalez Rene(pepe) Laredo TX
1971 AM Hanson Dennis Parshall ND
1971 AT Alexander David Gaylord MI
1971 AT Brannan Jack Hopewell VA
1971 LT Carlson Jim Minneapolis MN
1972 AZ Consiglio Thomas Madison WI
1972 PN Arellano Fabio --
1973 AD Relano Dave Bremerton WA
1973 AD Seiffert Bernard Wentzville MO
1973 AE Roberts Rick Westminster CA
1973 AK Young Robert Muncie IN
1973 AM King Michael Omaha NE
1973 PN Nicholson Scott Beaumont TX
1974 AE Schmidt Jim Westlake Village CA
1975 AD Rademaker Richard Brooklyn NY
1975 AE White Dennis MO
1975 LT Keazirian Edward Lynn MA
1975 PC Lancaster Jimmy Dallas TX
1976 Phalsgraff John Dont Remember CO
1976 AT Fiorentini Kenneth Perth Amboy NJ
1977 AM Disney Dennis Jacksonville FL
1977 AM Jordan James Bayview TX
1977 AT Miller Mark Fargo ND
1979 MCPO Greco James Cincinnati OH
1980 Beasley Alan
1980 AE Lang David Jamaica, Queens NY
1981 AE Mitchell Malcolm Crawfordsville IN
1981 AK Dull Richard Sandpoint ID
1981 AM Roach Dan Merrifield MN
1981 AS Robinson Kevin Fairmont WV
1981 AT Rose Donnie Anderson IN
1981 AZ Oflanagan Gary Smithton IL
1982 AD Kobashigawa Gary Wailuku HI
1982 AE Simpson Jim Asotin WA
1982 AS Riggs Doug Asotin WA
1983 AM Crouch Kevin Beech Grove IN
1983 AM Richardson Bob (Rich) Sheboygan Falls WI
1983 AM Tolliver Keith MO
1983 AT Faulkner David Redford MI
1983 AT Harrison Kenneth Shreveport LA
1983 AT Rose Paul St. Mary\\\'s County MD
1983 AZ Finley Tom Quincy IL
1984 AM Yeager Keith Tulsa Ok WA
1984 AT Farrow Tim Tucumcari NM
1985 AD Wachter Dave Vandalia OH
1985 AT Mattix Dwight Win Centralia WA
1985 MS Normandin Peter Bellport NY
1986 AZ Kelley Glen San Jose CA
1986 AZ Kelley Glen San Jose CA
1987 YN Perry Stacey Newport News VA
1988 PN Serviss Rick New Orleans LA
1989 AM Miller Jason (jay) Billings MT
1989 AN Busbee W. David Midland TX
1990 Hinson Josh CA
1990 AK Skop John Chicago IL
1990 AM Fierro Jacob El Paso TX
1990 PN Duepner Victor St Louis MO
1991 Davis Robert CA
1991 AM Creekbaum Jeffery Checotah OK
1991 AM Thompson Robert Bangor ME
1991 AM Thompson Robert Bangor ME
1991 AM Tucker Blake Paradise TX
1991 AT Collins William Wendell ID
1992 AK Green Terry Huntsville A
1992 CWO Skelly Michael Uniondale NY
1993 AM Viscusi Damon Pittsburgh PA
1994 AM Murray Michael Alexandria VA
1995 AM Jackson Randy Lawton OK
1995 AN Moran Brian St. Paul MN
1995 AN Moran Brian St. Paul MN
1995 AT Sanders Ryan Milton WA
1996 AM Chavez Kenneth Albuquerque NM
1996 AM Jackson Randy Lawton OK
1996 RM Hildebrand Tracey Gillespie IL
1997 AM Deleon Alain Ryan San Diego CA
1997 AM Wilburn Shea Monterey CA
1997 AZ Hatch Eldon Sacramento CA
1997 CPO Pickett Ron Choctaw OK
1999 AE Gonzalez David San Diego CA
2000 AM Stimson Kenny Los Alamos NM
2000 SCPO Rodriguez Jerry Bronx NY
2001 AN Ornelas Elizabeth Los Angeles CA
2003 NC Marmolejo Ron Pi CA
2006 AM Jackson Brandon Hampton VA





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