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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1956 AT Addington James San Gabriel CA
1956 AT Addington James San Gabriel CA
1956 CWO Gallupe Amos San Diego CA
1957 AD Voigt David Concordia MO
1957 AE Anderson David Baltimore MD
1957 AM Holden Peter T. Enfield CT
1957 AM Holden Peter Enfield CT
1957 AM Ozbun Johnny San Jose CA
1957 AT Bowles Zeb Konawa OK
1957 AT Conway Ed Lafayette CO
1958 AD Covell Wayne Trenton NJ
1958 AE Laurain Jack Fresno CA
1958 AK Heintz William Boise ID
1958 AM Catlett Willie Lynchburg VA
1959 AE Pena
1959 AE Sundelius Gary Minneapolis MN
1959 AM Jackson David Ada OK
1959 AT Harrison Terry St. Louis MO
1959 AT Nashold Gale Greensboro MD
1959 AT Smith Ron Merchantville NJ
1959 AT Wilson Terry Wichita KS
1959 LTJG Crais Henry Louisiana LA
1960 AD Cole William Newark CA
1960 AD Kingzett Robert Thomas Cleveland OH
1960 AE Durkin Timothy Shelby OH
1960 AM Tyler William Lewisville TX
1960 AN Andrews William Quincy MA
1960 AS Williford Jesse Sarasota FL
1960 AT Burney Joel Lilburn GA
1961 Philgreen
1961 AD Ahearn Paul MN
1961 AD Mayer Danny Ft Worth TX
1961 AM Galleno Ron
1961 AM Glasgow
1961 AM Mackrell Ed Gap PA
1961 AN Keen Bobby Adolphus KY
1961 AT Matthews Paul Huntington Park CA
1962 AD Mayer Danny Ft Worth TX
1962 AE Durkin Timothy Shelby OH
1962 AT Mchale Jim Anaheim CA
1962 LT Koppmann George C Santa Fe NM
1962 LTJG Drum Alan River Forest IL
1963 AE Belcher Ronald Cushman MT
1963 AM Valentine Gregory (greg) Montesano WA
1963 AT Bachelder Jim Belle Plaine IA
1963 AT Rotter Peter Canastota NY
1963 PR Krueger Gean Wausau WI
1964 Lependorf Bruce San Lorenzo CA
1964 Sharp Leroy MN
1964 AE Mcgurer Frank Fort Lauderdale FL
1964 AM Fulbright Jim Little Rock AR
1964 AM Fulbright Jim Little Rock AR
1964 AM Macauto Joseph Elmont NY
1964 AM Macauto Joseph Elmont NY
1964 AM Macauto Joseph Elmont NY
1964 AM Nelson Clarence Detroit MI
1964 AM Nelson Clarence Detroit MI
1964 AM Woods Michael Scottsburg IN
1964 AM Woods Michael Scottsburg IN
1964 AT Holland John Spartanburg SC
1964 AT Moore Ron Minot ND
1964 AT Plorins Larry Cedar Falls IA
1964 AT Safer Donald San Lorenzo CA
1964 AT Wadle Maurice Coralville IA
1964 LT Smith Joseph F. Orlando FL
1964 LTJG Smith Joseph Orlando FL
1964 PR Ingertson Robert Humboldt IA
1965 AB Dewey Robert Whitehall NY
1965 AE Kelaher Gerard N.Y.C. NY
1965 AE Williams Roger Sarasota FL
1965 AM Beebe Clyde Eugene OR
1965 AM Lange Charles Lamont IA
1965 AT R-amsay John Phila PA
1965 AZ Carsten Thomas Glenwood MN
1965 LCDR Wood David OR
1965 SM Upton Jimmie Houston TX
1965 SN Sanders Robert Wn Dayton OH
1966 Smitty
1966 AT Moore Ronald Olney IL
1966 AT Walker Michael San Rafael CA
1966 LCDR Cotton
1966 LCDR Wood D. E.
1966 LTJG Tarmey Bill Sanford ME
1966 SN Murphy Mike Camden NJ
1966 SN Sherrin Francis Taftville CT
1967 AK Tessier Edward J Ayer MA
1967 AK Tessier Edward Ayer MA
1969 AT Kavin Charles Boston MA
1970 AM Yonek Allan J. Freeport PA
1971 CPO Capel Allen Worton MD





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