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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1957 YN Sonnabend Terrill Port Angeles WA
1958 AD Agrello John Bedford MA
1958 AD Chester Edward Brooklyn NY
1958 AD Martini Craig ? CA
1959 AD Devlin Jack Seward AK
1959 AD Mathews James Tulsa OK
1959 AT Dodge Donald San Francisco CA
1959 PR Heuer Roger St Paul MN
1959 YN Pommerening Howard Portland OR
1960 AM Fitzwater Amh-2 Michael San Jose CA
1960 AQ Berry Sam St Louis MO
1960 AQ Fuller Mike Oklahoma City OK
1960 AQ Rutledge Larry Batesville AR
1960 PVT Vogt Norman F Eldridge WI
1961 AB Goolsby Terry Phoenix AZ
1961 AE Bolch Jack Weston OH
1961 AE Moore Roger Culbertson NE
1962 AD Clinkenbeard Doug Molson WA
1962 AD Jenkins Philip Lilburn GA
1962 AD Riggles James (jay) Elmore City OK
1962 AT Schneewind Jon Milltown WI
1962 LTJG Lindsay George --
1963 AD Ludemann Keith Moorhead MN
1963 AD Oubre Norman New Orleans LA
1963 AD Rohr Bill Shelton WA
1963 AQ Kendall Edward West Haven CT
1963 AT Hudziec Ernie Lincoln Park MI
1963 PN Silvernail Richard(dick} Omaha NE
1964 AQ Everson Conrad Wenatchee WI
1965 AD Barnes Johnnie Tarboro NC
1965 AQ Fisher Kay Hawley MN
1965 YN Wodrich Theodore Port Clinton OH
1965 YN Wodrich Theodore Port Clinton OH
1966 AD Armstrong James Minneapolis MN
1966 AD Wojcicky Joseph Baltimore MD
1966 AE Nonnemacher Jim Antigo WI
1966 AM Chapman Bill St Paul MN
1966 SN Clancy Kevin Brooklyn NY
1967 AM Anthony William New Orleans LA
1967 AM Ardelean Larry Indy IN
1967 AM Watson Joseph Loveland CO
1967 AN Janke Robert Holland TX
1967 PC Stevenson James Lake View Terrace (L CA
1968 AE Hitz John Chicago IL
1968 AM Horvath Panther Detroit MI
1968 DM Dunk Bob Houston TX
1968 LT Meiner Grant Scott Minden NE
1968 PH Miller Frederick Schenectady NY
1969 AM Haugness Allen Malta MT
1969 CMDR Gedney George
1969 CWO Dougherty James H. Fresno CA
1969 LCDR Otto Max
1969 LT Julian Jim Chicago IL
1970 AD Garner Bernard B.g. Mariemont OH





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