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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1953 AD Edmondson Dale Eddie Los Angeles CA
1956 AD Bridgforth Lewis Eureka MO
1959 AE Lawler John Albert Lea MN
1959 AT Shea Tom Miami FL
1960 AO Sherwood Clark Staten Island NY
1962 AE Nestor David WV
1962 AE Tilden Bill Galena MO
1962 AO Stumph Daryl KY
1962 AT Brown Kenneth Leesburg FL
1963 AE Caserta John Monongahela PA
1963 AE Miller Ken E Stroudsburg PA
1963 AE Millet Wayne Brockton MA
1963 AM Mackiewicz Stanley Cleve. OH
1963 AZ Martin Wilson White Hall AR
1964 AD Harscheid Edward Thompsonville CT
1964 AE Jones Jerry
1964 AM Chambers Tom FL
1964 AM Vincent Albert Mcminnville TN
1964 AQ Bowman John Leland MS
1964 AQ Kauffman Lewis Chambersburg PA
1964 AQ Perry Tollie Taylor AR
1964 AT Paschall David H Whitlock TN
1965 AE Kuhlken Henry Queensvillage NY
1965 AM Manchester Robert Winsted CT
1965 AM Vincent Albert Mcminnville TN
1965 AM Vincent Albert Mcminnville TN
1965 AO Thompson Tim Alpena MI
1965 AQ Lundrigan William ME
1965 AQ Pella Edward Ford City PA
1965 AQ Pella Edward Ford City PA
1965 PR Mcbath Thomas Cedar Rapids IA
1965 PR Mcbath Thomas Cedar Rapids IA
1965 PT Martin Robert Lancaster PA
1965 YN Avondo Joe Mahopac NY
1966 AD King Duane Eau Gallie FL
1966 AD King Duane Eau Gallie FL
1966 AD Maxwell Bradley Crestline OH
1966 AD Stone Leonard St.louis MO
1966 AD Strampe Curtiss Omaha NE
1966 AD Welsh William Woodlawn MD
1966 AM Brinker Steven Indianapolis IN
1966 AM Trull Bob Winter Park NC
1966 AM Whitworth Mark Indianapolis IN
1966 AO Betourney Ronald Claremont NH
1966 AO Hanna Douglas Saint Ansgar IA
1966 AO Hersey Rawling Hyannis MA
1966 AO Kennedy Albert New Orleans LA
1966 AO Kennedy Albert New Orleans LA
1966 AO Wood John Union SC
1966 AT Philipps Roger Platteville WI
1966 AZ Depew Douglas Albany NY
1967 Kriss Edward PA
1967 Mayfield Michael
1967 AD Craig Charles Glennallen AK
1967 AD Craig Charles Glennallen AK
1967 AD Hume Paul Rochester NY
1967 AD Thompson John Cranford NJ
1967 AE Johns Robert Morehead City NC
1967 AE Jones Jerel Baltimore MD
1967 AE Peterson Bob Waterbury Center VT
1967 AM Hanson Richard Rainelle WV
1967 AO Carpenter James Erie PA
1967 AQ Kreiss Edward Stewartstown PA
1967 AQ Sanders Robert Dayton OH
1967 AT Boyer Terry Columbus OH
1968 AD Flanagan Walter Atlanta GA
1968 AD Flanagan Walter Atlanta GA
1968 AE Danke Thomas Hortonville WI
1968 AE Lukeski Charles Hamlin PA
1968 AM Goenner Ed Queens NY
1968 AM Rodgers James Durant OK
1968 AM Rodgers James Durant OK
1968 AO Heacock Ron Buffalo MN
1968 AO Heacock Ron Buffalo MN
1968 AO Hinman Bob Bethesda MD
1968 AO Root David Kalamazoo MI
1968 AQ Dowling James Winamac IN
1968 AQ Whitmore Keith Phoenix AZ
1968 CPO Rickard Wayne (rick) Redding CA
1969 AD Gray John Huntington OR
1969 AE Starks Robert W Charleston WV
1969 AM Dixon Tom Springfield IL
1969 AM Meyer Bruce Napoleon IN
1969 AM Oakes Richard Pittsburgh PA
1969 AO Fenner Ralph Sacramento CA
1969 PN Osborne William
1969 SCPO Faircloth Charles Fayetteville NC
1969 YN Perez Roel Hebbronville TX
1970 AM Petersen Daniel P. Jersey City NJ
1970 AM Ribeiro Dennis Plymouth MA
1970 AT Bernardi Paul Niskayuna NY
1970 AT Bratton William Philipsburg PA
1970 CPO Nowell Edwin Bangor ME
1970 CS D Alonzo Frank Northfield NJ
1970 YN Smith James Pearsall TX
1971 AD Erlam Guillermo Queens Ny NY
1971 AE Louryk Brad Dickson City PA
1971 AK Pedrick Kenneth Baltimore MD
1971 AT Barney Norm Kalamazoo MI
1971 LN Nesbitt David Wheeling WV
1971 LN Nesbitt David Wheeling WV
1971 PT Carley John Chicago IL
1972 AD Carmichael Thomas Bronx NY
1972 AD Ferguson Mike West Chicago IL
1972 AD Mckenzie Robert Rochester MI
1972 AD Mckenzie Robert Rochester MI
1972 AD Teschke Chuck Inkster MI
1972 AM Drexler Frank Oshkosh WI
1972 AM Young Kevin Danielson CT
1972 AQ Oneil James Tinley Park IL
1972 AQ Smith Dave Pulaski PA
1972 PN Light Jim Troy NY
1972 YN Joyce Paul Madison Hgts MI
1973 AM Koch John Miami OK
1973 AQ Zeis Daniel Cincinnati OH
1974 AM Welter Wendell Lompoc CA
1974 AO Hellweg Steve Pittsburgh PA
1975 AQ Arnold Steven (Ziff) Phenix City AL
1975 CPO Donnelly Bruce Chicopee MA
1976 AM Friz Scott Levittown PA
1976 AM Warren Robert Swanville ME
1976 AO Perreira Mark San Jose CA
1976 CPO Heller Thomas El Paso TX
1976 DK Meyers Allan Yakima WA
1977 AE Strohm Michael Baltimore MD
1977 AO Sigler Tim Hudson NY
1977 AQ Demarco Philip Lindenhurst NY
1977 SCPO Faircloth Charles Fayetteville NC
1978 AB Odenkirk Bob Loudonville OH
1978 AO Rivera Julian B Mcallen TX
1979 AD Chotkowski Michael Schenectady NY
1979 AD Goldinger Terry Akron OH
1979 AQ Thompson Terrence Salisbury NC
1980 AO Bartrum Brian Brighton MI
1980 AQ Sargent Robin Atlanta GA
1980 AT Bromberger Steve Setauket NY
1980 AT St.denis Gary Worcester MA
1981 AZ Carpenter Roger Butler AL
1981 PR Burton Scott Carlisle KY
1982 AM Nichols 6james Fairview WV
1982 AM Nichols James Fairview WV
1982 AM Romer John Lindenwold NJ
1982 AT Bohner Dan Herndon PA
1983 AN Bryan Patrick Indianapolis IN
1983 AZ Porter Steve Birmingham AL
1985 AM Heun Greg Louisville KY
1985 AT Whedbee Rick Panama City FL
1986 AE Borkowski Steve Spring TX
1987 AD Murphy Les Ofallon MO
1987 AN Charlton Billy Hannibal MO
1989 AM Jacobs Randy East Berlin PA
1989 AQ Coto George New Orleans LA
1990 AM Weddle Greg Portland OH
1990 AZ Mendenhall Steve Midwest City OK
1991 AO Roberts Chris Austin TX
1991 AQ Schafer Gary Miamisburg OH





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