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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1950 AE Horst Jim Hagerstown MD
1954 AO Weyrauch Chuck Dayton OH
1956 AD Oakley Bobby Thomasville NC
1956 AO Tafoya Louis Mintuurn CO
1956 AT Storch Gary North Canton OH
1957 AK Woodson Ralph Louisville KY
1963 AE Tobin Robert Scranton PA
1965 AK Braun Carl Boise ID
1965 AM Lewark Jim Burlington WI
1965 AM Lewark Jim Burlington WI
1966 AD Damico Joseph West Babylon NY
1966 AD Nolan Ray Coventry RI
1966 AM Tredo Robert Springfield MA
1967 AD Booher Alfred Anaheim CA
1967 AE Cafaro James Staten Island NY
1967 AT Hart Mac Lexington TN
1967 PR Pankey James East Carondelet IL
1968 AD Carney Tim West Haven CT
1968 AD Carney Tim West Haven CT
1968 AD Davidson Kenneth Kansas City KS
1968 AM Lavo Tim Raytown MO
1970 AM Mathews Mike Louisville KY
1970 LT Lewis Bob Fairfax VA
1970 LTJG Lewis Bob Worcester MA
1970 PR Cooper Gayle Pensacola FL
1971 Parizek Bruce MN
1971 AD Snyder Gary Waterloo IA
1971 AE Chavez Leroy
1971 AM Hutchins Mike Mobile AL
1971 AO Holtz Larry Schaumburg IL
1971 AT Martinkus Mark IL
1971 AT Nelson Lee Lafayette LA
1971 AT Nelson Lee Lafayette LA
1971 CWO Eccleston John Eat Liverpool OH
1971 LT Hildebrandt John Baltimore MD
1972 AE Stephen Gallegos Stephen Gallegos Albuquerque NM
1972 AE Trimble Allen Mobile AL
1972 AM Smith Kurt Windsor Locks CT
1972 AM Swann Byron Pittsburgh PA
1972 AM Weismore James Canastota NY
1972 AT Janzen Dean Mountain Lake MN
1972 AZ Browne Bill Franklin TN
1972 MCPO Weber Bob ME
1972 MCPO Weber Bob ME
1973 Collins Chris PA
1974 YN Horton June Sayre PA
1975 AE Gunter Rick Rochester NY
1975 LT Boyes Russ Monroe WA
1976 AD Bender Brian Emporia KS
1976 AM Valencia David Chicago IL
1976 AM Yearwood Steven Belton TX
1976 AO Brooks Tom Hastings FL
1976 PR Goucher Sam Spokane WA
1977 AD Martin Don Ozark AL
1977 AM Darpel Ron Independence KY
1977 AM Smith Ricky Perry GA
1978 AE Slavin Paul
1978 AM Meyers Thomas Oneida NY
1979 AM Berchak Scott Denville NJ
1979 AM Disney Dennis Jacksonville FL
1979 AM Keeton Jerry Nashville TN
1979 AT Brown Jeff
1981 AT Zagnoni Gregory Allen Overland Park KS
1982 AD Dumont Mark San Antonio TX
1982 AM Boynton Brett Houston TX
1982 AM Fortini James North Fort Myers FL
1982 AM Guidry Doug Madison Heights MI
1982 AM Hernandez Andy Central Islip NY
1982 AM Johnson Jerome (jerry ) Lenoir NC
1982 AM Mccabe Mark Natick MA
1982 AO Warren Mark Dayton OH
1982 AZ Forcier (Dawson) Monica Lynn Biddeford ME
1982 MCPO Eckelhoff Dan Scranton AR
1983 LCDR Brandburg Steven Na
1983 PR Krom Michael Baltimore MD
2000 LT Perrault Michael St. Paul MN





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