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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1957 AE Tomlinson Bill Lake Jackson TX
1957 AE Tomlinson Bill Lake Jackson TX
1957 AT Habib Chuck Detroit MI
1958 AM Roth Bruce Elkton MI
1961 AD Blackmon James Houston TX
1961 AD Stephens Paul Birmingham AL
1962 AD Bednar Michael Greenville SC
1962 AD Erion Darcy Ortley SD
1962 AE Bergeron Paul Holyoke MA
1962 AM London Melvin Lake Charles LA
1964 AM Maynor William H. Savannah GA
1964 AO Israel Burgess Tracy CA
1964 AT Enos Jim Anahein CA
1964 AT Flade Raymond Culver City CA
1964 AT Hague Donald New York NY
1964 LT Hyde Albert Constantine MI
1965 AD Nagle Charles Winter Springs FL
1965 AD Standish Richard Hatfield MN
1965 AK Wolohan Michael Washington, D.c. DC
1965 AK Wolohan Michael Washington DC
1965 AM Komski (ski) Raymond Luzerne PA
1965 AO Ingraham Lyle Marysville WA
1965 CPO Shirley Donald Las Vegas NV
1965 CWO Tillis James Deland FL
1965 LTJG Wiley William Baldwin MD
1966 AO Myers Charles Big Spring TX
1966 AO Myers Charles Big Spring TX
1966 AO Vasquez Benito San Jose CA
1966 AO Vasquez Benito San Jose CA
1966 AT Chapman Stephen Hagerstown MD
1966 AT Manley Peter Belen NM
1966 AT Shipley Gary Dundalk MD
1967 AO Kearnes Jerry Oklahoma City OK
1967 AT Blankenship John Montana Creek AK
1968 AD Sellers Richard New ,albany IN
1968 AO Conners Michael Boston MA
1968 AO Day Edward Rockville MD
1968 AO Lombardo Mike Buffalo NY
1968 AO Mccoy Don Dell City TX
1968 AT Dunn Jack Bellingham WA
1969 AE Forrest Lacy Waco TX
1969 LT Wiggins Joseph Phoenix AZ
1970 AE Palmer Charles King City CA
1970 AM Philip Unknown FL
1970 AM Dorman Philip Unknown FL
1970 AM Mccombs Richard Santa Barbara CA
1970 AM Scott Jay Swink CO
1970 AT Johnson Bill (b.r.) Marietta OK
1970 AT Johnson Billy Ray OK
1971 AD Bell Laurence Spencerport NY
1971 AM Buck Joseph Kokomo IN
1971 AO Nickel Art Sunnyvale WA
1971 AQ Martyna Al Clifton NJ
1971 AQ Taylor Larry Denver CO
1971 AT Walter Michael Wichita KS
1971 PR Labs Bob Riegelsville PA
1971 PR Walker Charles Spartanburg, SC
1972 AD Steinhoff Franklin East Jordan MI
1972 AK Kent James Las Vegas NV
1972 AK Kent James Las Vegas NV
1972 AT Fowler Tom Seattle WA
1972 AZ Rowe Gary Roseville CA
1972 PR Spriestersbach Robert Indianapolis IN
1973 AB Schott Steve Santa Monica CA
1973 AO Goldsberry Richard Brunswick ME
1973 AO Wright Gary Jacksonville FL
1973 AO Wright Gary Jacksonville FL
1973 AT Sturgeon Ken Ontario CA
1973 PR Moss Robert Columbus OH
1974 AD Elsome William Mission Hills CA
1975 AD Smith Peter Green Bay WI
1975 AM Adams Sidney Clovis CA
1975 AN Hornyack Matt New Brighton PA
1976 LTJG Behr Mike Defiance MO
1987 AE Kubaska Thomas Atlantic City NJ
1987 AK Pionk Dale Mooselake MN
1987 AM Graves Bill Billings MT
1987 AQ Siegle George Germantown WI
1987 PR Seowtewa Alex Zuni NM
1988 AM Sawyer Delbert Little Rock AR
1988 AQ Knechtel Karl Mpls MN
1988 CPO Carter Don Fremont CA
1989 AT Cliburn Joe Shreveport LA
1989 AT Cliburn Joe Shreveport LA
1989 MCPO Haswell Jim Longmont CO
1990 AE Crnich Greg Oak Forest IL
1990 AE Hassing Rob San Jose CA
1990 AT Gruss Matthew Kewaskum WI
1990 CPO Clark Lawrence Frankfort KY
1990 EN Green Derill New York City NY
1990 HM Foster Jim Oak Forest IL
1991 AE Lopez Juan New York NY
1991 AQ Anderson Andy Champaign IL
1991 AQ Evans Ditto Reading PA
1992 CPO Ferguson Larry West Palm Beach FL
2008 AB Koslin Ralph Houston TX





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