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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1949 AQ Charleston Gary --
1966 AD Norman Ken Seattle WA
1966 AM Richardson Jerry Madison WI
1966 AQ Martin David Toledo OH
1966 CPO Grant John
1966 CPO Spohn William Fullerton CA
1967 AD Davis Rich Tacoma WA
1967 AD Olson Larry Bellevue WA
1967 AD Shammot Jim Niagra Falls NY
1967 AE Garnett Greg Schofield WI
1967 AE Garnett Greg Wausau WI
1967 AE Garnett Greg Schofield WI
1967 AE Hamm Clifford St Louis MO
1967 AE Hurt Jerry Mansfield OH
1967 AM Cash John Eagle Lake TX
1967 AM Littler Bill Hayward CA
1967 AM Silvers Tom Beech Grove IN
1967 AM Zimmerman Steve Cottonwood Falls KS
1967 AO Gay Ron Savannah GA
1967 AO Gill Bill Berkeley Springs WV
1967 AO Spicer Doug Yuma AZ
1967 AO Walgren Danny Aurora IL
1967 AQ Boles Darrell Evensville TN
1967 AT Blythe Wilburn Napa CA
1967 AT Kasnick John Sacramento CA
1967 AZ Moore John Claxton GA
1967 AZ Moore John Elizabeth CO
1967 AZ Smith Jimmie Jefferson IA
1967 YN Boldridge Bob Algona IA
1967 YN Sanders Roland Hillsdale MI
1968 AD Hicks Robert Bogalusa LA
1968 AZ Van Heel Lee Minneapolis MN
1968 MCPO Larue Ovean Estacada OR
1968 YN Pugh Ernie Columbus GA
1969 AD Conley Harold North Charleston SC
1969 AD Harris Jeff Cincinnati OH
1969 AD Quinn Larry Levittown PA
1969 AM Crabtree James Sacramento CA
1969 AO Bortel Jack Pemberville OH
1969 AO Harkleroad Clifton College Park MD
1969 AQ Garska Rich Hazel Park MI
1969 AT Oates Kenneth Cincinnati OH
1969 AT Scott Bill Manhattan KS
1969 AT Scott James Keokuk IA
1969 LT Goryanec George Youngstown OH
1970 Smith Roger Kansas City MO
1970 AD Ruth James ( Jim) Baltimore CA
1970 AM Frideres Duane (frito) West Bend IA
1970 AQ Charleston Gary Minnetonka MN
1971 AD Keller Joe Redfield SD
1971 AD Smith Charles San Jose CA
1971 AM Belt Gerald Snohomish WA
1971 AM Burkhardt Gary Palmer NE
1971 AM Sadowski Ed Dickson City PA
1971 AM Schindler George Mattapan MA
1971 AM Shannon Billy Carnavon Iowa IA
1971 AM Webster Jim Decatur AL
1971 AT Jensen Giles Springfield MO
1971 AT None None None TX
1971 AT Paton Richard Santa Maria CA
1971 AZ Yaksich Robert Girard OH
1971 HM Coots Lawrence Monticello NY
1971 LT Ryan Bob Coronado CA
1972 AM Huffstetler Johnny Hamburg AR
1972 AM Stanley Robert St. Helena CA
1972 AN Buckalew Joseph Buena Park CA
1972 AT Moore Timothy Farmington MI
1973 AE Watson Russell Maricopa AZ
1973 AM Kane Barry Salmon ID
1973 AM Provow Chuck Clearfield UT
1973 AQ Van Dyke Max Gallatin MO
1974 AK Roberts Philip New Philadelphia OH
1974 AM Waybourn Mike Aztec NM
1974 AO Swanson Greg Santa Rosa CA
1974 AQ Volkmuth Timothy Brainerd MN
1974 AT Williams Richard Rochester NY
1974 PN Rodgers Aj Fairfield CA
1975 AK Leonard William Ripley OH
1975 AM Brown David Kansas City MO
1975 AM Carnes Donald Royal Oak MI
1975 AO Ireland Bill /william Lahabra CA
1976 AD Groff Joseph Los Angeles CA
1976 AD Patterson Roger Wahpeton ND
1976 AM Custer Philip Shipman IL
1977 AM Spencer Dale Phoenix AZ
1977 AM Trottier James Mineral Wells TX
1977 CPO Adams Sid Clovis CA
1978 AD Ervin William Waterville WA
1978 AE Cass Steven Kokomo IN
1978 AM Frazer David Glenview IL
1978 AM Moore William Boston MA
1978 AO Coker James (jim) Lynchburg SC
1978 AQ Viera Larry Antioch CA
1978 SCPO Diaz John Oxnard CA
1979 AD Somers Robert Spokane WA
1979 AE
1979 AE Dembowski Wayne Chicago IL
1979 AE Durossette Jerry Enfield CT
1979 AE Durossette Jerry Enfield CT
1979 AE Scarlett William Hob Knob TN
1979 AM Farnham Harold Rick Salamanca NY
1979 AM Hatcher Raymond Lawndale CA
1981 AM Regal Kevin R. Port Clinton OH
1981 AO Ireland William CA
1981 AO Ireland William CA
1981 AO Loe Kyle Caldwell ID
1981 LT Woolman Kenneth Riverside CA
1981 SCPO Delabar Tim Portsmouth OH
1982 AO Young Jake Flint MI
1982 AO Young Jake Flint MI
1983 AQ Clouse Daniel Beaver Dam KY
1983 AQ Oldenborg Russell Minneapolis MN
1984 AD Page David Lubbock TX
1984 AO Goldstrom Charles Somerset PA
1984 AQ La Cavalla Peter Fishkill NY
1984 AQ Loss William Chula Vista CA
1984 NC Grierson Phil Dayton OH
1985 AD Leinen James Los Angeles CA
1985 AE Edwards Ken Beebe AR
1985 AM Cassel Glenn Wichita KS
1985 AM Cassel Glenn Havre MT
1985 AQ Holther Brad Belding MI
1985 YN Gaddy Stewart Philadelphia PA
1986 AO Locke Donald Porterville CA
1986 AT Ferrara Joe Santa Rosa CA
1986 AT Yurgil Brian Harrison AR
1987 AE Mcdermott Kent Pittsburgh PA
1987 AO Mcclain James Kershaw SC
1992 AN Isbell (izzy) Kevin Denver CO





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