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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
- LT Rezek William --
1956 Kaplan Martin Broncs NY
1956 AE Mack William K. Morristown NJ
1956 AE Roguski Joseph Northampton PA
1956 AM Krueger James Stockton CA
1956 AM Murphy Leslie Falls City OR
1956 AN Ellsworth Donald Norman OK
1956 AN Washington Julius TX
1959 SCPO Graves Edwin Baton Rouge LA
1960 Decastro Tom Bend OR
1960 YN Toups Paul Lafayette LA
1961 AE Lambert Gerald Kansas City MO
1961 AM Bester Vaughn(ron) Butler PA
1961 AM Rogers Bobbie Melrose NM
1961 AT Fahey Martin Vienna VA
1962 AD Akel Sam
1962 AD Berry Robert
1962 AD Gambrill H
1962 AD Lockwood Jim Fresno CA
1962 AD Smith D.
1962 AE Anglin Preston Cookeville TN
1962 AE Bosic John (jack) Manor PA
1962 AM Pitman Earl Hialeah FL
1962 AM Pitman Earl Hialeah FL
1962 AM Taylor Skip
1962 AM Zacke C.
1962 AN Groth G.
1962 AO Gunter Bruce
1962 HM Cote Dick Rockville MD
1962 LTJG Chesnutt B.
1962 PR Stephenson R.
1962 SN Robertson J. Los Angeles CA
1963 AD Shields Doug Atlanta GA
1963 AD Shields Doug Atlanta GA
1963 AE Day Don South Gate CA
1963 AO Suder Dale Hayward CA
1963 LT Collier Grant New Orleans LA
1963 YN Rogers Jim Melrose NM
1964 AO Hermann Alan Chicago IL
1964 LT Curreri Len Quincy MA
1965 AD Dewitt Dennis Hastings NE
1965 AO Scribner Ted Kansas City MO
1965 AT Herrmann Eugene Elyria OH
1965 LCDR Magee F. Hugh Fairfield CT
1965 YN Mcdonald Winton Patrick North Hollywood CA
1966 AM Wood Dewey Dunn NC
1966 LCDR Mccrimmon Doug Fort Collins CO
1966 PN Bruce Ron Pittsburgh PA
1967 AD Ford Henry La Habra CA
1967 AM Laska Jerry Finlayson MN
1967 AM Mcdougall John Butte MT
1967 AM Paese Emanuel Northlake Ill. IL
1967 AO Cerio Peter Syracuse NY
1967 AO Rickstrew Tom Clovis NM
1967 LCDR Nelson Gene Manitowoc WI
1968 AD Setter Dick Kansas City MO
1968 AE Peterman Joe Twin Falls ID
1968 AM Gesell Leonard Taylorville IL
1968 AM Jerpseth Dennis/dave Madison MN
1968 AO Gill Bill Berkeley Springs WV
1968 AO Neville Michael Sparks NV
1968 AQ Downes James New Orleans LA
1968 AQ Head David Hayward CA
1968 AQ Price Lyle Issaquah WA
1968 AT Balich Tom Los Angeles CA
1968 AT Cope William Auburn WA
1968 AT Dewitt Robert Tacoma WA
1968 AT Newman Ira Rockville MD
1968 CPO Sullivan Francis Wetumpka AL
1968 LCDR Nelson Gene Manitowoc WI
1968 LTJG Watson Tannis Lakewood CA
1968 PN Heredia Edward Hawthorne CA
1968 PN Oliveri Marco Norwood NJ
1968 PN Oliveri Marco Norwood NJ
1968 YN Bruce Bob Pittsburgh PA
1969 1LT Rivers Michael CA
1969 AB Merrick Cyril (skip) Arcade NY
1969 AD Jenkins Jack Auburn CA
1969 AE Panning Donald Deshler OH
1969 AE Panning Donald Deshler OH
1969 AO Anderson Steve Andy Mesa AZ
1969 AO Cerio Peter Syracuse NY
1969 AO Kea Jim Rocky Mount NC
1969 LT Humphreys Thomas Salem MA
1969 PN Peters Bill OK
1969 PN Washington Richard Denver CO
1969 PR Marvel Pat Prairie Village KS
1969 YN Blasco Richard Chicago IL
1969 YN Fitzgerald Michael St. Louis MO
1970 AD Jacobs (jake) David Watsontown PA
1970 AD Morenberg Jack Hawthrone CA
1970 AM Ava Keith Honolulu HI
1970 AM Freimark Don South Milwaukee WI
1970 AM Krecklow Louis West Allis WI
1970 AM Lampella Fred Houghton MI
1970 AM Miller Joseph Chicago IL
1970 AM Nagle John East Orange NJ
1970 AM Norton Wesley Hammond IN
1970 AM Ulberg Daryl Petoskey MI
1970 AQ Gill Jim Port Clinton OH
1970 AQ Shipp Raymond Huntingdon PA
1970 LT Agenbroad Ken Litchfield Park AZ
1970 LT Junker Al
1971 AM Royston Rick Oshkosh WI
1971 AO Nuetzel Bill St. Louis MO
1972 AE Clemons Jerry Florence AL
1972 AE Clemons Jerry Florence AL
1972 AM Davis Charles Torrance CA
1972 AQ Whalen Michael New Hampton IA
1972 CPO Stricherz Richard (dick) Watertown SD
1972 HM Tivner Elmer Shawnee OH
1972 HM Tivner Elmer Corning Ohio OH
1973 AE Kelly Frank Randolph MA
1973 AO Fencl Toby Mill City OR
1973 AZ Gonzales Sergio Cavite PI
1973 LT Honig Joe Baltimore MD
1974 AE Curcione Fred Niagara Falls NY
1974 AK Murray Tim Waterloo IA
1974 MS Stevens Joe Pasco WA
1975 AO Young Jake Flint MI
1975 AO Young Jake Flint MI
1975 CPO Abril John Camarillo CA
1976 AD Senko John Whittier CA
1976 AM Brown Wiliam Watsonville CA
1976 AM Brown William Spring Valley CA
1976 AM Roberts Mike Ofallon MO
1976 AO Jesus Cavazos Donna TX
1976 AO Mcnabb Tim Toledo OH
1976 AZ Lahtuk Walter Elizabeth NJ
1976 AZ Lahtuk Walter Elizabeth NJ
1976 PR Duff Dennis Midland TX
1976 YN Ray Kevin Kansas City MO
1977 AO Eilers Dave Montague MI
1977 AT Mccartney Mike San Marcos TX
1978 AE Edwards Ken Beebe AR
1978 AE Gelder Robert Havre De Grace MD
1978 AM Kreidel Steve Colorado Springs CO
1978 AM Prestidge Tommy Kensett AR
1978 AO Dorsey Michael St. Louis MO
1979 AM Kersey Park Alexandria VA
1979 AS Kelly Larry Sacramento CA
1979 AT Clinton Jim Ahwahnee CA
1979 AT King James Ramona CA
1979 AZ Soehlman Thomas Dravosburg PA
1980 AD Kenna Gabhan Fort Lauderdale FL
1980 AD Lasky Rob Laporte IN
1980 AD Rico Hector Houston TX
1981 AE Roberts Aubrey Dallas TX
1981 AM Brink David Fresno CA
1981 AT Matthews Scott Riverdale GA
1982 AD Flowers Gary Oak View CA
1982 AD Flowers Gary Oak View CA
1982 AN Johnston Michael Lansowne PA
1982 AN Mcleister Brian Los Angeles CA
1982 AT Young David Indianapolis IN
1982 PN Helms Sammy Arkadelphia AR
1983 AE Noble Paul S. Wannanchua? WA
1983 AE Noble Paul S Wannanchua WA
1983 AE Stephens Richard Willow Grove PA
1983 AK Selman Ricky Bettendorf IA
1983 AO Petronelli Larry Brooklyn NY
1983 AO Salmons Doug Mexico MO
1983 AQ Blanchard Jeff Lake Tahoe CA
1983 AT Dissen Bryan Springfield IL
1983 AZ Hegwood Christopher Covington GA
1984 AE Harris Phillip Mobile AL
1984 AO Anglin Garey Camilla GA
1985 AD Bryson Andy Waycross GA
1985 AD Sabota Frank Stockton CA
1985 AO Abbott Greg Reno NV
1986 AQ Mcginnis Samuel Charlotte NC
1987 AE Mitchell Chris Union County KY
1987 AN Ramirez David Tampa FL
1988 AK Maestas --
1988 AK Willhite Dan Lemoore CA
1988 CPO Bain Royle Jacksonville FL
2003 AD Espinoza Michael Los Angeles CA
2008 AB Koslin Ralph Houston TX





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