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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1961 AD Kline Gerald \ Annville PA
1967 LCDR Johns Cliff Wpb Fl FL
1968 YN Saxton Greg Dallas TX
1969 AD Furr Jerry Loudonville OH
1969 AD Henry Joe Yakima WA
1969 AD Walvatne Michael Everett WA
1969 AM Fahey Frank San Francisco CA
1970 AD Strahm Jerry Verona ND
1970 AD Strahm Jerry Verona ND
1970 AE Stroemer Fletcher Miami FL
1970 AM Markle Donald Pendleton OR
1970 AT Thomas Robert Ft. Lauderdale FL
1970 YN Hannum Timothy Darien CT
1971 AE Gaylon Larry TN
1971 AM Klym Dennis Lodi NJ
1971 AN Fox Darrell Colorado Springs CO
1971 AS Lux Bodo Warren MI
1971 AT Horton Tom Odessa TX
1971 YN Folk Cathy Pittsford VT
1971 YN Johnston Brad Menlo Park CA
1972 AE Kisor Dave Monterey CA
1972 AE Lyons Rob Greenfield IN
1972 PN Herbert Bruce Mercer ME
1973 AE Mallin Art Orange Park FL
1973 CPO Lange Charles Lamont IA
1973 PN Seidlinger George Manfred ND
1975 AE Clayton Ed \\ Selma AL
1975 AE Howell Tina Fostoria OH
1975 AK Pierson Sherry Mesquite TX
1975 AM Stanley Robert St. Helena CA
1975 AME3 Adair Radar Marshall MI
1976 AD Acosta Bill Las Cruces NM
1976 AZ Paulsen Judi Lisle IL
1976 PN Hasse (batterson) Ellie Angola NY
1977 Ray Karen West Palm Beach FL
1977 AM Donaghue Cindi Leroy NY
1977 AO Risher Michael New Orleans LA
1977 AO Risher Michael New Orleans LA
1980 AM Jesse Jackie Concord CA
1982 AM Robbins Mark Tucson AZ
1985 AM Osborne David Mokena IL
1985 AZ Simpson Leeann Los Angeles CA
1987 CPO Woodman Terry Fremont NE





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