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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1968 AM Tillis Donald Deland FL
1969 AM Kunda Mike Chicago IL
1970 CPO Costain Joe Mt. Pleasant OH
1971 AE Hempstead Jeffrey Bloomington IL
1971 AM Chambers Ed Atlantic Highlands NJ
1972 AD Craig Thomas Lawrenceburg IN
1972 AM Tweedus Michael N Arlington NJ
1972 AT Kaprocki Ed State College PA
1972 LT Sallee Fred Cincinnati OH
1972 LT Sallee Fred Cincinnati OH
1973 AD Holmes Michael Mount Pleasant SC
1973 AD Sweat Edward Houston TX
1973 AE Hentz Randy Hegins PA
1973 AM Buford Tony Trenton NJ
1973 AM Connor John Union City NJ
1973 AM Ferguson Wayne Enfield CT
1973 HM Saunders George Gibbsboro NJ
1974 AD Reid Gregory Sault Ste. Marie MI
1974 AM White Robert Biff Pittsboro NC
1974 AO Hill Robert Cedarville MI
1974 AT Tyrone David Carnegie PA
1974 CPO Turner George New Castle IN
1974 YN Lewis Sanford North St Paul MN
1974 YN Lewis Sanford North St Paul MN
1975 AD Garland Lou Brooklyn NY
1975 AM Chilson Mike White Bear Lake MN
1977 Dellas Paul J. San Jose CA
1977 AD Baker Gregory Baltimore MD
1977 AD Schau Fred Daly City CA
1977 AM Nunneker Scott Charlotte NC
1977 AM Wegman Ricky Kansas City MO
1977 CWO Carter Charles Boydton VA
1978 AM Aronofsky Mark Tewksbury MA
1978 AM Ellis Robert Philidelpha PA
1978 AM Krutsinger Greg Britton SD
1978 AM Sloan Ron Pittsburgh PA
1978 AM Wacker Lon Hartley IA
1978 YN Wahn Cheryl Covington KY
1979 AE Albright Hook Key West FL
1979 AM Hosser Harry Philadelphia PA
1979 AT Gahn Kissell Roberta Mamou LA
1980 AD Morales Robert Ny NY
1980 AM Connor John Woodbridge VA
1981 AD Burnham David MS
1982 BM Breedlove Don Austin TX
1983 AD King Brandi Reno NV
1983 AE Hart Rick Cleveland OH
1983 AM Gilbert Kevin Chester IL
1983 AN Kelly Karen New York NY
1983 AZ Muela Rosemary Antioch CA
1983 CPO Phipps J.d. Kenyon MN
1983 CPO Phipps J.d. Kenyon MN
1984 AE Treloar Steve Tacoma WA
1984 AO Blanchard Scott Cuyahoga Falls OH
1984 AO Blanchard Scott Cuyahoga Falls OH
1984 AO Blanchard Scott Cuyahoga Falls OH
1984 AT Murray Chris Cincinnati OH
1984 LT Hack Lynn
1984 LT Hack Lynn
1984 PR Horrigan Pat Wilmington VT
1984 PR Horrigan Pat Wilmington VT
1984 SCPO Myers Robert Philly PA
1985 AD Crouse Thomas Turners Falls MA
1985 AD Crouse Thomas Turner Falls MA
1985 AD Sherman David Easthampton MA
1985 AD Thibeault Eugene Hampton VA
1985 AT Gribbin Robert Pittsburgh PA
1986 AD Mullinax Joey Jasper GA
1988 AM Derr Howard Factoryville PA
1990 AM Rodgers Robert Pitcairn PA
1991 AW Ford Cameron Yuba City CA
1992 OS Tomlin Robert Dallas TX
1996 AM Gentry Larry State Road NC





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