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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1957 CPO Fury William Ilion NY
1957 CPO Fury William Ilion NY
1958 AD Danilla Steve Philadelphia PA
1958 AD Lawson Orrin Campbell CA
1958 AE Austin Andy Vermontville MI
1958 SO Duncan Roy Gainesville/springfield MO
1958 SO Waddups Archie
1960 AN Taylor Ronald Morgan Hill CA
1960 AT Freitas Bill Napa CA
1960 AX Haymore Ron CA
1962 AM Skeen Ernest Yucon OK
1962 AT Scheurenbrand Bruce San Diego CA
1962 AX Haymore Ron Nicolaus CA
1962 PH Hinojosa Louis Los Angeles CA
1963 AD Gay Don Bee Bee AR
1963 AD Patterson Charles Pickens SC
1963 AD Patterson Charles Pickens SC
1963 AT Pohl Matthew Overland / St. Louis MO
1964 AM Hanks Gale Salem UT
1964 AM Skraba Donald MN
1964 LT Wassner K.b. Chicago IL
1965 AM Monovich Joseph Allison PA
1965 AM Smith James NY
1965 AM Steinbrink Arlin Anaheim CA
1966 AT King Richard Grain Valley MO
1966 AX Reed Roberto Pasay City PI
1967 AT Wilson Dennis Richardson TX
1967 AX Belden David Wasilla AK
1968 AT Beasley David West Memphis AR
1968 AT Sanders James Rockwood TN
1970 AE Amaral David Visalia CA
1970 AM Williams Gary San Bernardino CA
1971 AD Crossley Roger Manhattan Beach CA
1971 AD Setzer Walter Monterey CA
1971 AE Schmidt Ronald Muskego WI
1971 AM Reddy David Grand Blanc MI
1971 AW Eddins William Wadesboro NC
1971 AW King Mike Capon Bridge WV
1973 YN Stokes James Sonoma,ca CA
1974 AM Sayson Daniel Santa Ana CA
1974 AZ Bellamy Freddie Marianna FL
1975 AE Gitschel Michael San Jose CA
1975 LT Delorey Michael San Diego CA
1975 LT Delorey Michael San Diego CA
1975 LT Fifer Louis Pompano Beach FL
1978 AM Mckenzie Alan Van Nuys CA
1978 AT Kramlich Roger Eureka SD
1978 AX Brandenburg Michael IA
1978 YN Ryan (smith) (sarge) Robert Woodside NY
1983 AM Wellman Joseph Jenison MI
1983 AX Hall Michael Bristol VA
1983 AX Hall Michael Bristol VA
1986 AM Thompson James Sullivan MO
1986 AX Grounds David Pasadena TX
1987 AD Holmes Keenon Los Angeles CA
1988 LTJG Hafley William Arlington TX
1989 YN Monahan Dan Soldiers Grove WI
1991 AZ Norman Terry Macclenny FL
1992 AE Stonebraker Brian Arab AL
1993 YN Munselle Michael San Antonio TX
1994 AW Redmond Keith Houma LA
2001 AD Gomez Joel Tijuana AZ
2001 AM Raymond Keston Brooklin NY
2001 AT Sanchez Elizabeth Orange County CA
2002 CS Jasilewicz(jazz) Christina Tewksbury MA
2003 Glownia Slawmir Chicago IL
2003 AE Muiz Jorge Isabela PR





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