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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1976 PN Olson Gerald Lacrosse WI
1977 AD Anderson Ronzel (andy) Los Angeles CA
1977 AE Kramer Launce Lower Salem OH
1977 AO Ware Kevin Spring TX
1977 CPO Hume Duane Aurora CO
1978 MCPO Miller Tom
1979 AD Sohar Ronald San Antiono TX
1979 AM Corcoran Jim Chicago IL
1979 PN Lamon Jim Union City NJ
1979 SCPO Beckenbach John Anoka MN
1979 YN Mannery Stevie Jackson MS
1980 AE Wozniak Francis Keyport NJ
1980 AT A. Tony Westville IL
1980 BM Crowder Fred Shreveport LA
1980 PN Mutia Ramoncito Phillipines PI
1981 AD Owen Jeff Chandler AZ
1981 AX Smith Scott Sand Creek WI
1982 AM Krohn Jeff Berwyn PA
1983 AM Mazariego Anthony S.f. CA
1984 AD Bombash Richard Washington PA
1984 AM Hall Morris Dansville NY
1984 AM Hobbs George Ted Tampa FL
1984 AZ Coriano Francisco Cataño PR
1984 CPO Rigney William John Canyon Lake TX
1985 AD Aceves Rafael San Diego CA
1985 AE Parr Robert Cambridge MA
1985 AT Way Jon West Des Moines IA
1985 AW Bixby Robert Springfield OR
1985 AW Jackson Ernest (scotty) Albany NY
1985 AX Biletzky Michael Westport CT
1985 PR Arciaga Orlando Milton FL
1986 AD Leon Felix Floral Park NY
1986 AD Leon Felix Floral Park NY
1986 AD Meehan Dennis
1986 AD Rettschlag Ken Beaver Dam WI
1986 AT Rast Gunter Newton NJ
1986 HM Lynch John Warren MA
1987 AW Kirkner Jay Horsham PA
1987 PR Arange David Hugoton KS
1988 AE Bernardo Bienvenido (bernie) Silverdale WA
1988 AM Abrigo
1989 AN Norman Terry Macclenny FL
1989 AT Jumper David Tiffin OH
1991 AE Trowbridge Steve Colorado CO
1991 AM Henry Ken Belleville NJ
1991 AN Neal Ron Montezuma GA
1991 AT Johnston Jason Sims Chapel AL
1992 AM Ray Daniel Coon Rapids MN
1992 AM Russell Craig Great Falls MT
1992 AZ Tucker Paul Honolulu HI





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