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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1986 AT Johnson Clarence Cornell MI
1987 AD Barbee Wilson Fort Worth TX
1987 AD Barr David St Louis MO
1987 AD Hurtado Lorenzo Cheyenne WY
1987 AD Keith Brian West Covina CA
1987 AD Keith Brian West Covina CA
1987 AD Tuggle Steven Portland OR
1987 AE Oderkirk Dave Utica NY
1987 AM Fortney Joe Morgantown WV
1987 BM Freemanjr Paul E. Westborough MA
1987 NC Perez Eddie Jose Norfolk VA
1988 AM Green Joe San Diego CA
1988 AM Holland Thomas Atwater CA
1988 AM Perri Brian Los Gatos CA
1988 AO Cousins Tom Los Angeles CA
1988 AT Schutter Eddie Alameda CA
1988 CPO
1988 SCPO Ward Jerry
1989 AE Rodriguez Frank Puerto Rico PR
1989 AM Maldonado Anthony Denver CO
1990 AD Martinez Rudy San Antonio TX
1990 AM Broughton Andrew Scottsburg IN
1990 HM Clark Gary New Rochelle NC
1990 PR Bilodeau Timothy North Aurora IL
1991 AM Fletcher Tim Covington GA
1991 PR Vives Warren Philadelphia PA
1992 AE Sedgwick Robert Ellwood City PA
1992 AE Soper Thom Richmond I
1992 CPO Jones Charles Cj Bay City TX
1992 SCPO Elrod Mike Panama City FL
1993 AM Wheeler Theron Ririe ID
1993 MCPO Rodriguez Robert Chicago Illinois IL
1994 BM Ray Ronald Council Bluffs IA
1994 CPO Farley Keith Burney CA
1994 SCPO Pfannenstiel John San Diego CA
1995 AD Mckenzie Scott Brea CA
1995 AT Schwind John The Bronx NY
1996 AD Castillo Fernando Houston TX
1996 AM Morales Rafael Temple TX
1996 AM Pierson Roy Pascagoula MS
1996 AS Ludwick James Dexter IA
1996 BM Rodriguez Roger L. Sabinal TX
1996 CPO Sievers David Key West FL
1997 AD Koester Frank Jeffersonville NY
1997 CPO Gomez James Austin TX
1998 AM Ortiz Edwin Haledon NJ
1998 CS Riojas Ernest San Antnio TX
1998 SCPO Billinger Bill Ridgecrest CA
1999 AZ Gonzalez Jessica Houston TX
1999 BM Ambrosia Joseph Jersey City NJ
1999 CPO Grandinette Brian Greensburg PA
2000 AO Southern Tony Harlingen TX
2001 AE Siffermann Brian Southlake TX
2003 OS Daniel Julie Thornton CO
2005 AT Moore Steven Hudson NY
2009 SCPO Stetz Jon Downers Grove IL
2010 CPO Smith Michael College Park GA
2016 AM Murray Brian Niceville FL





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