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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1966 AE Crawford Richard
1966 AK Murray Ronnie Mcbaine MO
1966 AM Goulart Stephen Gloucester MA
1967 AD Green Mike Buffalo Ny. NY
1967 AD Quinn Larry Levittown PA
1967 AD Smellie George Ogden UT
1967 AE Johnson David Kansas City KS
1967 AE Mabus Charles Chicago IL
1967 AM Dyer Andrew Dallas TX
1967 AM Lavigne Richard Springfield MA
1967 AN Klimkowski Joseph Ambridge PA
1967 AN Klimkowski Joseph Ambridge PA
1967 AO Copsey Roy Prince Frederick MD
1967 AO Martin Carl D. Unknown
1967 AT Farrell Gary Houston TX
1967 AT Farrell Gary Houston TX
1967 CMDR Melecosky Timothy Westville IL
1967 CMDR Skrzypek Joe Dunkirk NY
1967 LT Snider Barie Joplin Mo MO
1968 AD Barton Albert Daytona Beach FL
1968 AD Macneil Arthur Whittier CA
1968 AD Voorhies Louis Baton Rouge LA
1968 AE Dabel Robert H. Unknown
1968 AM Crawford Robert Santa Ana CA
1968 AM Miller David Flat Rock MI
1968 AM Williams Gary San Bernardino CA
1968 AS Miller John Freedom PA
1968 AZ Caldwell Charles Inglewood CA
1968 AZ Moore Scott Ferris Mesquite TX
1968 AZ Phillips (phill) Mel Sigel IL
1968 LT Beck Roger Redford Twp MI
1968 LT Butcher John --
1968 LT Smith Terry L. Unknown
1968 MCPO Nelson Carl Glen Head NY
1968 PN Rapoport George Kingman AZ
1968 YN Short Doug Plymouth MA
1969 AD Cafarella Anthony River Vale NJ
1969 AD Emering Charles Paterson NY
1969 AD Emering Charles Paterson NJ
1969 AD Harmon Bill Houston TX
1969 AD Jones Daniel Beaver Falls PA
1969 AD Milam Ron Tacoma WA
1969 AD Taddeo Patrick Cleveland OH
1969 AD Wood Michael Ida Grove IA
1969 AE Oxendorf Eric Milwaukee WI
1969 AK Mason Arthur-ernie Boston MA
1969 AM Behr James Miami FL
1969 AM Biirch John Elizabethtown IL
1969 AM Miller David Flat Rock MI
1969 AT Hornacek Donald Barberton OH
1969 AT Poisson Phil Springfield MA
1969 CPO Hammack James Charleston WV
1969 CPO Vinet Jerome Denver CO
1970 AD Rusk Steve Colorado Springs CO
1970 AK Mason Art/ernie Somerville MA
1970 AM Giannini Joseph Memphis TN
1970 AM Trugler Mike Queens NY
1970 AN Cochran Randall Dalton GA
1970 AT Flynn Donald Lakeland FL
1970 AT Kron Glenn Buffalo NY
1970 AT Shea Dennis Colome SD
1970 AT Shepherd Michael Sacramento CA
1970 AZ Berkley James Panora IA
1970 AZ Harkey James Kingston Springs TN
1970 LTJG Homewood William Duluth MN
1970 PR Dunn Christopher Danville CA
1970 SN Huot Michael Detroit MI
1971 AD Reed Mike Goshen IN
1971 AM Anderson Roosevelt Muskegon MI
1971 AM Salerno Richard Rose NY
1971 YN Miedaner Steve Eagan MN
1972 AD Boyd Robert Nyc NY
1972 AM Mchugh Max Gulfport MS
1972 AZ Cui Louis Ca CA





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