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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 AO Boran --
1966 AE Mucklow Keenan Penndel PA
1967 AD Baggerly Louis Palmyra MO
1967 AE Fleeger Ronald Slippery Rick PA
1967 AM Johnson Jimmy Paris TX
1967 AZ Weaver John Sacramento CA
1967 LT Lazzaretti Jon San Francisco CA
1967 LTJG Folga Ed Buffalo NY
1968 AM Devitt Ben Redlands CA
1968 AM Engler Rick Moorhead MN
1968 AT Watson Warren Wade Spokane WA
1968 AZ Meyer Dean Dows IA
1969 AD Millian Dale A.
1969 AM Mummey Daniel Portland OR
1969 AM Wiles Garrett (flex) Lower Burrell PA
1969 AM Wooster John Chicago IL
1969 AZ Boose David Lecompton KS
1969 CS Carroll Roy Phoenix AZ
1970 Grigg J. W.
1970 Neuenfeldt J. W.
1970 AD Bell R. D.
1970 AD Keeler D. F.
1970 AD Mejia Robert Key West NY
1970 AD Mejia Robert
1970 AD Trampus H. F.
1970 AD Tuller J. L.
1970 AD Waterford Charles West Memphis AR
1970 AE Bickler G. L.
1970 AE Gallinger W. R.
1970 AK Charlton Michael (charlie) Sunnyvale CA
1970 AM Boose Donald R. Lecompton KS
1970 AM Chadwick E. A.
1970 AM Maxwell F.
1970 AM Nilson J D Waukegan IL
1970 AM Quinn W. M.
1970 AM Sauls P.
1970 AM Turner B. R.
1970 AT Adams W. M. (walrus)
1970 AT Langston Randy Kissimmee FL
1970 AT Schuetzle S. K.
1970 CPO Ball F. D.
1970 LCDR Mcclelland M. D.
1970 LT Dowgiewicz Michael Rockville CT
1970 LT Hidahl J. W. L.
1970 LT Piper John (jack)
1970 LTJG Fitch D. P.
1970 LTJG Gillings Paul Sherwood
1971 AD Barnes Steven Phoenix AZ
1971 AD Barnes Steven Phoenix AZ
1971 AD Baxter Sidney Harvey IL
1971 AD Sullivan Tim Boston MA
1971 AD Swiebel Bob Phoenix AZ
1971 AE Wadiak Cliff Scotch Plains NJ
1971 AK Stahl Daryl GA
1971 AK Stahl Daryl GA
1971 AK Stahl Daryl GA
1971 AM Behr James Miami FL
1971 AM Cashmore Doug Murrieta CA
1971 AM Eckman Larry Sebeka MN
1971 AM Nilson John Mundelein IL
1971 AM Shields Robert Sound Beach NY
1971 AM Styx Tom Oak Lawn IL
1971 AM Zeigler Marvin Westland MI
1971 AT Johnson L C Glen Ellyn IL
1971 AT Morganti Phil Hamburg PA
1971 AT Shea Dennis Colome SD
1971 PN Blakley Clyde Detroit MI
1972 AD Brians Howard Bakersfield CA
1972 AD Bruns Craig Garden Crove CA
1972 AD Hunter Steve St. Louis MO
1972 AD Rogers Rody New Castle PA
1972 AD Stone Paul Shreveport LA
1972 AD Weitz John Dubuque IA
1972 AM Froelich Michael Winston-salem NC
1972 AM Shaffer Butch Oak Creek CO
1972 AT Ruschak Robert Munhall PA
1972 AZ Stafford Benny Nashville TN
1972 LCDR Hingson Curt Key West FL
1973 AD Langford Rob Lewistown MT
1973 AD Langford Rob Lewistown MT
1973 AM Penrod David Winston Salem NC
1973 AM Rudilosso Frank Lindenhurst NY
1974 AD Evans Clay Montebello CA
1974 AD Gregorio (nagayama After 1982) Ed Moraga CA
1974 AE Santiago Michael Albuquerque NM
1974 AE Ware Cecil Bryan TX
1974 AK Wigon David Salinas CA
1974 AM Brown Thomas (tom) Wray CO
1974 AM Metcalf Timothy Imperial Beach CA
1974 AM Metcalf Timothy Las Vegas NV
1974 AM Willis Don El Cerrito CA
1975 AD Armstrong George Browning MT
1976 AT Elkins Donald Glen Burnie MD
1976 CPO Williams Napoleon Lynchburg SC
1976 CWO Bemenderfer Jack Goshen IN
1977 AM White Bob Athens LA
1978 AD Watson Michael J. Decatur GA
1979 AE Wood Michael San Jose CA
1979 AM Hilts Jeffrey Watertown NY
1979 AM Rivera Luis A Carolina PR
1979 AT Laber James Tulare CA
1980 AM Casias Theodore Edgewater CO
1980 AM Traficante Dawn Oswego NY
1981 AD Bailado Terrance Hilo HI
1981 CPTN Personius Bill Elmira NY
1982 AM Oberhauser Dennis Eustis NE
1982 AM Thornton Andrew Seattle WA
1982 AZ Dobnikar David Cleveland OH
1983 AM Asbridge Rick Denver CO
1984 AD Powers Bill Chicago IL
1984 AD Sorich Steven San Jose CA
1984 YN Dean Todd Wicksburg AL
1987 AM Calhoun Robert Stone Mountain AL
1987 AM Davison Robert Sunnyside WA
1988 CMDR Obannon --
1989 AO Borin --
1991 AT Roles Frances Atchison KS
1994 AZ Trahan Jason Saginaw MI
2000 AD Villalino Joe Los Angeles CA
2000 AM Warren Mark Sunset LA
2004 AT Draham Patrick Camden CA
2004 AT Draham Patrick Camden NJ





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