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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1990 CPO Goodyear Scott Bellefonte PA
1990 CPO Howard William Carmichael CA
1990 CPO Mack David Norfolk VA
1990 EN Dolton Robert Detroit MI
1990 EW Washer Richard Watertown NY
1990 HM Knowles Jon Newville AL
1990 RM Osier Kerry MI
1990 SCPO Jim Stafford Cincinnati OH
1991 BM Connison John Phila PA
1991 BM Parker Steve Tampa FL
1991 CPO Miller Martin Pottsville PA
1991 EN Martin Dennis Gardner MA
1991 EN Nutt Eric St.Louis MO
1991 EN Perry Wade Omaha NE
1991 HT Eaglin Derek Griffith IN
1991 MCPO Bailey Raymond Philadelphia PA
1991 OS Rothgeb Timothy Columbia City IN
1991 OS Traxler Richard Houston TX
1991 QM Beeman Sean Grapevine TX
1991 RM Keckley Shane Columbus OH
1991 RM Lloyd Lee Detroit MI
1991 RM Osier Karry Sterling MI
1991 SH Hames Galen Grandview WA
1991 SH Rodgers Ron Fresno CA
1992 EN Herron Todd Circleville OH
1992 FN Ermeling George Omaha NE
1992 FN Quinones Bernie Stockton CA
1992 RM Oberman Kevin Hampton VA
1992 SM Dawkins Dave Abilene TX
1992 SN Gee Keith Taft CA
1992 SN Gee Keith Taft CA
1993 BM Arrowood Jason Marion NC
1993 BM Conwell Jimmy Azle TX
1993 CPO Schley Charles Colonial Heights VA
1993 DC Merchant John Worcester MA
1993 DC Morency Douglas New Bedford MA
1993 EM Rogers Benjamin Columbus OH
1993 EN Crawford Eugene Decatur GA
1993 EN Mike Feken Spokane WA
1993 FN Chalmers Vincent Pittsburgh PA
1993 FN Nelson Kevin VA
1993 FN Park Toby CA
1993 GM Tandy Chris San Antonio TX
1993 HM Soelter Jeff Billings MT
1993 HT Frausto Gabriel TX
1993 HT Schnebelt Sandy Aurora IN
1993 OS Westberg Jason --
1993 PN Forsythe Dale Wisconsin Dells WI
1993 PN Walker Josh Cape Coral FL
1993 SK Whiteside Kevin Fort Mill SC
1993 SN Andrist Jeff Chicago IL
1993 SN Bishop Michael Houston TX
1993 SN Fagan William Star City IN
1993 SN Fernandez Michael El Paso TX
1993 SN Grant Nicholas Anderson IN
1993 YN Vitale Jenice NY
1994 AB Adams Nehkonti Burnsville MN
1994 BM Cressy Michael Brentwood NY
1994 BM Stewart Mario Huntsville TX
1994 EM Santamaria Christopher West Orange NJ
1994 EN Beadle Jeff Kingsland GU
1994 EN Cain Brock Boise ID
1994 EN Maxwell Michael Lansing MI
1994 EN Roberts Eugene Midland NC
1994 EN Turner Jeremy West Columbia TX
1994 FC Grimmer Thomas Arlington Heights IL
1994 MS Burke Jim Boston MA
1994 PN Hammons Kerri Richlands VA
1994 SH Ryan Douglas La Porte TX
1994 SM Hook Dwight Conroe TX
1994 SM Howell David Montreal --
1994 SM Neet Tommy Pensacola FL
1994 SN Burdi Marco Swedesboro NJ
1994 SN Mead Michael Deer Park TX
1994 SN Sanchez Anthony Los Angeles CA
1994 SN Stewart Mario Huntsville TX
1994 SN Thomas Kelly St Louis MO
1994 YN Blanchette Jason Lancaster NH
1994 YN Munoz Jesus TX
1995 BM Ceballos Raymond El Paso TX
1995 BM Leighton Joe Wheeling WV
1995 CPO Brock Chuck Fort Wayne IN
1995 CPO Kader C. David Lockport NY
1995 FC Murphy Jeremy Grand Rapids MI
1995 LCPL Luis Ochoa Hayward CA
1996 -- Brader Jared Philadelphia PA
1996 BM Bradly Garth Atlanta GA
1996 MR Gage Deryl Moodus CT
1997 BM Thomas Rodney Orrville AL
1998 CPO Phillips Vance Hampton SC
1998 MS Drager Kelly Rockville MD
1999 EN Purvis Terrance Bennettsville SC
1999 SK Hill Gregory Williamsport PA
2000 CPTN Berries Crunch Crunch Mountain AZ
2000 FN Pooley Tiffany Irving TX
2000 GM Felty Steve Thornville OH
2000 GM Felty Steve Thornville OH
2001 EN Turner Geoffrey Raleigh NC
2002 CPO Peterson David Perth Amboy NJ
2002 QM Acevedo Soto Alexis Mayaguez PR
2002 SCPO Hipps Darryl San Diego CA
2003 CPO White Aubrey Virginia Beach VA
2003 MCPO Lederer Adolf Clute TX
2004 EN Poppe Christian Las Vegas NV
2005 BM Pruden Bob Dover DE
2006 EN Rizzo Anthony Smithtown NY
2006 EN Rizzo Anthony Smithtown NY
2006 EN Wilson Sonja Richmond VA
2007 EN Shumate Heather Aurora IL
2018 OS Sepulveda Ibarra Fabian Dallas TX





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