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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1943 AS James Alvah Cleveland OH
1944 SM Konrath Josef Chicago IL
1945 SF Dietrich Anthony Dayton KY
1947 FC Cherek Chester J. Elderon (near Wausau) WI
1947 SC Hunter George Columbus OH
1947 YN Hagler David Dothan AL
1951 AK Colton Charles Los Angeles CA
1951 BM Ervin Maurice (Monte) Coeur D Alene ID
1952 RM Ashby Jack High Point NC
1953 SH Wilson Charles Rutledge MO
1953 SN Peek Sanford Franklin NC
1954 AK Thomas Elbert Kannapolis NC
1955 AK Heiser Loren Marion OH
1956 AK Grimm Paul Henryetta OK
1956 AK Hunt Jack Thomasville AL
1956 AK Pottorff Buddy Los Angeles CA
1956 MM Cole Ted Laytonville CA
1956 SN Parks Don South Edmeston NY
1957 AK Parker George Tarrant City AL
1957 AK Scheidt Gary Atlanta GA
1957 EM Wilson Don Copperhill TN
1957 FTM Vonspiegel Robert C. Long Beach CA
1957 GM Hardison Allen
1957 MM Dugan Harold Roger Vandalia IL
1957 RM Rosic Richard Stamford CT
1957 SM Hall Leon Starke FL
1957 SM Hall Leon Starke FL
1958 EM Little Michael Harper Woods FL
1958 EN Reade Trevis Tucson AZ
1958 MM Nixon James Kansas City MO
1958 RD Morgan Glen Muskogee OK
1958 SK Winges John Rush City MN
1958 SM Harter Harlan Pisgah IA
1959 AK Zmigrodski Robert Chicago IL
1959 EN Watson Billy Antlers OK
1959 MM Weiss Ted Bloomington MN
1960 AK Boyd Charles Millport NY
1960 MM Weiss Ted Bloomington MN
1960 QM Catalano Pete Brooklyn NY
1960 YN Massingham Lynn Los Angeles CA
1961 AD Downes Eugene Grants Pass OR
1961 AK Roberts Philip Lancaster CA
1961 BT Mcbride Martim San Diego CA
1961 BT Wait Bill Las Vegas NV
1961 DK Duffy Harold Ada OH
1962 AK Burch Randy Kansas City KS
1962 AK Raymond Bob Springfield IL
1962 AK Rigdon Michael Lancaster WI
1962 AK Thomas Tom AR
1962 EN Stevens Edmond Rocky Hill CT
1962 MM Brusina Roan Pittsburgh PA
1962 MM Buckert Pete St. Louis MO
1962 MM Upchurch Chris Temperance MI
1962 QM Edwards Michael Myrtle Beach SC
1962 RM Jones Kenneth Pine Bluffs WY
1962 SF Stallings Tom Omaha NE
1962 SK Heaton Carroll Reevesville SC
1962 SK Waye Robert (bob) Kingsport TN
1963 BT Giaramita Anthony New York NY
1963 BT Harris Wayne(harry) Florissant MO
1963 EM Charles Ronald Champaign IL
1963 EM Patenaude Morris Green Island NY
1963 MM Delk Gary Greenville OH
1963 MM Kinnamon Rich Seattle WA
1963 MM Piszko Martin Jersey City NJ
1963 MM Pizko Martin NY
1963 MM Upchurch James Temperance MI
1963 MM Upchurch Chris Temperance MI
1963 MM Upchurch James Temperance MI
1963 MM Upchurch Christopher Temperance MI
1963 SN Atha Don Del Norte CO
1963 SN Eckler Ed Lake Orion MI
1964 SK Russell Carl Altus OK
1964 SK Waye Robert Kingsport TN





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