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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1941 AM Romanelli Vincent Beacon NY
1941 SK Hopson Roland Burlington IA
1942 MS Romanelli Vincent Beacon NY
1942 PVT Rush George Long Beach CA
1943 CPO Lenoir Blair Los Angeles CA
1943 SM Miller Eugene Charleston SC
1944 HM Dolan James Brooklyn NY
1944 SF Johnson Abel Syracuse NY
1945 AM Cordt R. C. (jim) Marshalltown IA
1945 PFC Todd Harvey Athens AL
1945 PFC Walker Leon Birmingham AL
1946 BM Moore Charles Turner KS
1951 EM Smith Hoyt O. Collinwood TN
1951 QM Reagan Harold Sherman TX
1952 EM House Neill/neal Lawrence KS
1952 ET Byrne Palmer Prescott AZ
1952 GM White (son) Hugh Elizabethton TN
1952 IC Yates Herbert Oswego OR
1952 LTJG Ellexson Stanley Sumner WA
1952 RM Alberti Salvatore Inglewood CA
1952 SF Heffron Robert Oliphant PA
1952 SF Mccraw Jerry Gaffney SC
1953 AM Anderson Ronald Willmar MN
1953 MM Urban Charles Morganville KS
1953 RM Nelson Glen R. Rexburg ID
1954 AK Soibelman Dennis Buffalo NY
1954 AK Soibelman Dennis Buffalo NY
1954 AT Stufflebeam Fred Holden MO
1954 CM Kvidera Ralph Traer IA
1954 EN Severson Ray H Murray UT
1955 AK Disken Diskan Tom Boston MA
1956 Bertain Richard Los Angeles CA
1956 AM Sucoe Chris Detroit MI
1956 EM Rutledge Kenneth Jack El Paso TX
1956 EN Sinclair Bob Lafontaine IN
1956 ET Arge Robert Altadena CA
1956 MM Glenn William Columbus MS
1956 PH Hudak Bob NJ
1956 RD Lansing William San Antonio TX
1956 RD Purcell William Kansas City MO
1956 RM Drake Charles Minden LA
1956 SF Holbrook Harold North Judson IN
1956 TM Drake Charles Minden LA
1956 YN Ross Doyle Steubenville OH
1957 AM Tice David A Sunland CA
1957 EN Beigh Ronald Payette ID
1957 EN Beigh Ronald Payette ID
1957 EN Beigh Ronald Payette ID
1957 FT Voth John Anchorage AK
1957 GM Cota Tommy CA
1957 HN Bertain Richard Los Angeles CA
1957 LT Loofbourow John Minneapolis MN
1957 YN Castle Edward Chicago IL
1958 ET Baptiste Maurice Butler PA
1958 ET Tomlinson Harvey Sweetwater OK
1958 PN Hanna Jimmy Mckinney TX
1958 RM Price Jack Suffolk VA
1958 RM Price Jack Indianapolis IN
1958 SN Barringer Bob St.augustine FL
1958 SN Jones Marvin KS
1958 YN Ahlstrand Robert Stratford CT
1959 -- Biorkman Robert Camarillo CA
1959 AD Johnson Rufus W Lovejoy GA
1959 EN North Clarence Milten Miami- Globe AZ
1959 EN North Clarence Milten Miami- Globe AZ
1959 EN Suggs Alvy Wilmington NC
1959 SN Biorkman Robert Camarillo CA
1959 YN Lemoine Leo Shrewsbury MA
1960 RM Wakeland Duane Bruce MS
1961 CPTN Gibfried Chuck Palatine IL
1961 PC Brown Martin Hamlet NC





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