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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Bridges Lorenzo Hastings OK
1945 Bridges Lorenzo Hastings OK
1945 MM Dobies Joseph Schenectady NY
1945 PC Torpey William East Hartford CT
1945 PR Etenburn Dwight Centralia IL
1945 QM Olson Roger Brookings SD
1945 SM Casteel William Terra Alta WV
1945 SM Warner Louis Springfield MO
1945 SM Warner Jr Louis Springfield MO
1945 SW Willams Wesley Philadelphia PA
1945 SW Williams Michael Newark OH
1946 MM Tribell William Middlesboro KY
1946 SM Westgate Richard Burlington IA
1947 AE Blatt Leon Brooklyn NY
1949 Moore Clyde Redmond OR
1949 AB Dick Doyle Weiser ID
1949 SK Newland Guy
1949 SK Newland Guy Louisville KY
1949 SK Sexton Charles Gainesville GA
1949 SM Schacht Donald (danny) Alameda CA
1950 CWO Butt Lavell Idaho Falls ID
1950 YN Gardner Willis Badin NC
1951 RM Escobio Manuel Tampa FL
1952 -- Antonacci David Toledo OH
1952 EN Killian Robert Grants Pass OR
1952 LT Aitken Douglas San Diego CA
1953 EM Moore Edward Brooklawn NJ
1954 ENSN Gilpin Frank IN
1954 LTJG Horowitz Mel Greenville SC
1954 RM Jordan Donald Springfield IL
1954 SN Batterson William CA
1954 YN Batterson William
1954 YN Seely Robert San Carlos CA
1955 AM Hincy Gary Piedmont AL
1955 EN Nixon Robert Kansas City MO
1955 MM Nixon James Kanas City MO
1955 SK Orton Jim Redwood Falls MN
1956 AN Steffensen Harold Chicago IL
1956 EM Knowles Richard Forest Park GA
1956 EN Osborn Terry Danville IL
1956 ENS Vannaman Thomas Midland TX
1956 FT Skinner Glenn Skinner Bakersfield CA
1958 BM Newell David Bayview AL
1958 EN Deiwert William New Richmond OH
1958 EN Smith Jack Americus GA
1958 LCDR Stiles R.G. --
1958 RM Lesak Raymond Victoria TX
1958 RM Lesak Raymond Victoria TX
1958 SN Bariteau Robert Livermore CA
1958 SN Nylon Norris MN
1959 IC Kelley Charles Fairfield AL





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