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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1961 BT Loveless Michael Rome GA
1961 CE Benson Francis Leigh, (batman) Denver CO
1961 CPO Bolan John Edison NJ
1961 GM Sniegocki Robert Brooklyn NY
1961 GM Yates Cecil Anawalt WV
1961 MM Abrahamsen Raymond Brooklyn, New York NY
1961 PC Huckabee Ken Sunray TX
1961 PN Devine Mike Elizabeth NJ
1961 RM Hall James Crothersville IN
1961 SK Fargo James Hixson TN
1961 SK Mcwhorter Donald Moundsville WV
1961 SM Jenkins Willard Stanley VA
1961 SN Blanch Gary West Hempstead NY
1962 AB Jeffers Richard Rochester NY
1962 BT Doyle Andrew Deer Park NY
1962 ET Crandall Robert Lincoln NE
1962 FN Dykhouse Paul Springfield PA
1962 MM Antico John Pawtucket RI
1962 MM Ebler
1962 RD Grimsley Howard Panama City FL
1963 AB Bridges Bill Riverside CA
1963 AB Murphy Edward Paterson NJ
1963 BM Bookwalter Dale Terre Haute IN
1963 BM Bookwalter Dale Terre Haute IN
1963 BM Johnson Duane Niagara Falls NY
1963 BM Mongan James Hagerstown MD
1963 BT Hoff Floyd Pittsburgh PA
1963 CE Crudelle Frank NY
1963 DC Gross William Wayne NJ
1963 ET Breigenzer Thomas Proctor MN
1963 FT Russell William Jonesville VA
1963 FT Russell William Jonesville VA
1963 MM Enwright
1963 MR Mosher Fred Monon IN
1963 RM Schade Charles Lyons NY
1963 SK Dupler Donald Lancaster OH
1963 SN Palombi Vittorio New Brunswick NJ
1964 AE Bauer James Wausau WI
1964 AN Dellatacoma Anthony Brooklyn NY
1964 AN Dellatacoma Anthony Brooklyn NY
1964 AN Mcleod Waverley Fayetteville NC
1964 BM Galligan Gary Brigantine NJ
1964 EM Lapine George Springfield MA
1964 EN Lindeland Toby Duluth GA
1964 IC Perry David Cape Girardeau MO
1964 LT Strong Barry Eden NC
1964 MM Klaiber Albert Deposit NY
1964 QM Delfave Mathew Snohomish WA
1964 RM Kingery Eldred Greene IA
1965 BM Di Guiseppi Michael Westbury NY
1965 EM Botteron Richard Hudson NH
1965 EM Trotter Charles(charlie) Ft. Smith AR
1965 EN Toth Ron Jessup PA
1965 LT Hoffman Charles Desloge MO
1965 LTJG Converse John Greenville SC
1965 MM Murray Tim St. Paul MN
1965 RM Dinberg Michael Ogdensburg NY
1965 RM Holmes Donald L Tuscaloosa AL
1965 RM Klein Joe Baltimore MD
1965 SCPO Bancroft A.w. (chic) Manhattan NY
1965 SF Hunter Bill Independence MO
1965 TM Johnson Walter Mobile AL
1966 AC Meeks Jerry
1966 AD Seymour Connie Bayonne NJ
1966 AN Montgomery Marshall Scott Monroe LA
1966 AS Rorabaugh Gene Anthony KS
1966 BM Cook Ron St. Louis MO
1966 BM Keenum Buddy Sheffield AL
1966 BT Cicero Salvatore Astioria NY
1966 BT Coburn Rob Wilkes-barre PA
1966 BT Coburn Rob Wilkes-barre PA
1966 BT Florio John Chicago IL
1966 CE Burke Raymond West Bridgewater MA
1966 CS Manuel Jerry Rochester NY
1966 EM Beuke William Cincinnati OH
1966 EM Carrejo John Waterbury CT
1966 EN Howell John Silver Springs FL
1966 EN Howell John Riverview FL
1966 GM Callahan Dave Rochester NY
1966 MM Cassaro Richard Lima OH
1966 MM Laskowski James Erie PA
1966 RD Puza Ronald Corona NY
1966 RD Puza Ronald Corona NY
1966 RD Puza Ronald Corona NY
1966 RM Hasty John Indianapolis IN
1966 RM Leab Ed Cincinnati OH
1966 RM Moffett Douglas Rochester NY
1966 RM Murphy James Topeka KS
1966 RM Ploz James MI
1966 RM Weiss Dale Nazareth PA
1966 SF Boyd Russell Baltimore MD
1966 SF Stahl Mike Dayton OH
1966 SH Grappo Gerard Teaneck NJ
1966 SK Chase Gordon Hartfort CT
1966 SK Golden Tom Jersey City NJ
1966 SK Green John Toledo OH
1966 SK Webster Mike Grand Rapids MI
1966 SN Barnard Jon Marshal MO
1966 SN Barnard Jon Marshal MO
1966 SN Ward Daniel Baltimore MD
1966 TM Lee John Houston TX
1966 YN Brown Jerry Cincinnati OH
1966 YN Coomer Roger Austin IN
1967 Allen Robert Rochester NY
1967 Senatore Pete Queens NY
1967 AC Ebersberger William (bill) St. Petersburg FL
1967 AD Stefan John Nashua NH
1967 AK Simonis Ralph (sam) Stevens Point WI
1967 AN Luna Fred Huntsville AL
1967 AN Luna Fred Huntsville AL
1967 AX Tanner Gary New Burnside IL
1967 CM Coopman George
1967 EM Brooks James Pittsburgh PA
1967 EM Kulpa Stanley Bloomfield CT
1967 EN Cross Larry Adair IL
1967 GM Anderson Robert Maplewood NJ
1967 GM Rodriguez Epifanio Brooklyn NY
1967 IC Morgan Bruce Montezuma IN
1967 IC Morgan Bruce Montezuma IN
1967 MID3 Durham David Plattsburgh NY
1967 MM Cilurso Paul Franklin NJ
1967 MM Franklin Harmon Lexington SC
1967 MM Lee Paul Jasonville IN
1967 MM Neuman Timothy Cleveland OH
1967 RM King Allen West Mifflin PA
1967 SK Kappler H.dean Peoria IL
1968 Moran Patrick NH
1968 Keyes
1968 Rice MA
1968 Smith Michael Ag-1
1968 AE Dougherty Francis Philadelphia PA
1968 AG Smith Michael
1968 AT Pritchard Larry New Eagle PA
1968 BM Alexander Herb Poughkeepsie NY
1968 BM Arpin Kenneth Taunton MA
1968 BM Arpin Kenneth Taunton MA
1968 BM Biggs Phillip T. Boone Grove IN
1968 BM Kehoe Joe Amityville NY
1968 BM Kehoe Joseph Amityville NY
1968 BM Pecararo Anthony Mount Vernon NY
1968 CPTN Walker Charles(chuck) Sylvester GA
1968 EM Billings A.j. Meriden CT
1968 EM Billings A.j. Meriden CT
1968 EN Shelton Ron Missoula MT
1968 EN Soldi Fred Kansas City MO
1968 EN Swindell Tommy New Bern NC
1968 ET Grissette Robert Lake Charles LA
1968 ET Shultz
1968 GM Gill Bill Quincy Ma NY
1968 IC Short Phillip ( Luke ) Muleshoe TX
1968 IC Simpson Jameswesley Fort Worth TX
1968 LTJG Crawford Duncan Maryville TN
1968 LTJG Hazlett
1968 MM Priest Robert Warren Greencastle IN
1968 RM Bennett Brian Bridgewater MA
1968 RM Christensen Johnny Dillon MT
1968 RM Leab Ed
1968 RM Newton
1968 RM Nye
1968 RM Sabatini
1968 RM Thomas Bill
1968 RM Whitlock
1968 RM Whitlock Robert Oland Oklahoma City OK
1968 SH Gibson Danny Glasgow KY
1968 SK Curtis Edward Antigo WY
1968 SK Spotwood S.v Philadephia PA
1968 SN Dubey Raymond Keansburg NJ
1968 YN Wright Jeff Uniontown PA
1969 AC Cumba Randy Miami FL
1969 AK Simonis Ralph Stevens Point WI
1969 AS Hargrove Gary D. Albuquerque NM
1969 AS Hargrove Gary D. Albuquerque NM
1969 EN Sepsi George Cleveland OH
1969 MM Wread Timothy Georgia GA
1969 MM Wread Timothy Georgia GA
1969 RM Airhart Carl Pittsburgh PA





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