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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1942 SC Chacon Cruz Prescott NE
1942 SC Chacon Cruz Prescott AZ
1950 GM Graves Donald Norfolk NE
1951 RM Dunsing Clyde Stockton/san Francisco CA
1955 RD Moffett Thomas Crown Point IN
1957 EM Champlin Randy Miami OK
1957 EM White Wiley Modesto CA
1958 RD Wingler Glen Wilkesboro NC
1959 EM Pentecost Grady Miami FL
1959 EM Saline Steve Safford AZ
1959 IC Filer Arthur Jim Thorpe PA
1960 BM Ludolph Henry Chiago IL
1960 EM Maxwell Ronald Los Angeles CA
1960 FN Neely Lyle Lynwood CA
1960 RM Fitch George Ventura CA
1960 RM Fitch George Ventura CA
1961 EN Nicklason Don Roseburg OR
1961 SF Martin Jerry Everett WA
1962 -- Whaley Harold Demopolis AL
1962 Diver Phillips Alvin Batesville AR
1962 EM Bular Ron Avoca MI
1962 EN Esposito Thomas Bridgeport CT
1962 QM Self Bill Detroit MI
1963 EN Mackey Gene Sheffield AL
1963 EN Wigton Robert Columbus KS
1963 SN Colcord Denver Niles MI
1965 EN Archambeault Raymond Lebanon NH
1966 GM Lutman Dale Berkeley Springs WV
1966 SM Garrett James Denver CO
1966 SN Hadley Dennis Balltimore MD
1966 SN Hicks Donald Balltimore MD
1966 SN Mack Cockeysville MD
1967 BM Ramos Juan Brackettville TX
1967 EN Gaspord Bruce New Richmond WI
1967 PN Harper Ron Richmond VA
1967 PT Ruona Ken Minneapolis MN
1967 SN Solomon David Peoria IL
1967 SN Solomon David Peoria IL
1968 BM Ramos Juan Brackettville TX
1968 EM Lauzon Pat Page AZ
1968 LTJG Jones John New York NY
1968 QM Kiessig Lawrence Larkspur CA
1968 RM Fannin Bill San Antonio TX
1968 RM Vanoudenhaegen Richard Laramie WY
1968 SN Gravelin Raymond Voluntown CT
1969 CS Powles James Ava IL
1969 MR Saxer David Sandusky OH
1969 QM Neal Ron Knoxville IL
1969 RM Riidings Bobby Waco TX
1970 PN Roy Tom Marquette MI





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