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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1984 EM Minor William Kansasville WI
1984 HT Betterton William Hartselle AL
1984 LT Iskra Darlene South San Francisco CA
1985 BM Campbell Kelli Lakewood OH
1985 BM Lance Jim Royal Oak MI
1985 BM Lozepone John Syracuse NY
1985 BM Sorady Daniel Medford NY
1985 EN Cameron Jerry Hanover WV
1985 EN Maki Ej Crystal Falls MI
1985 IC Scheetz Paul Lucerne IN
1985 MS Molloy Patrick Port Jervis NY
1986 CPO Kiergan Josephine Luguna NM
1987 EN Beavers Randy Saint Paul VA
1987 HT Walker Ted Salt Lake City UT
1988 EN Zehr Leon Vicksburg MI
1988 OS Cahill John Jennings LA
1990 BM Greene Robert Letart Falls OH
1990 SM Kennedy Jim Xxxxxxx MD
1991 BM Vann Oscar B. San Antonio TX
1992 HT Timme Michael Kerrville TX
1992 HT Woodruff Hether Tallahassee FL
1993 EM Harris Eric Takoma Park MD
1993 EM Mckoy Tyrone Sanford NC
1993 IC Urquijo Francisco Yuma AZ
1993 OS Sawyer Rick Hatch UT
1993 SM Mccarty Wendy Indiana PA
1995 DC Johnston Greg Spokane WA
1995 EN Steinke Tom Elk River MN
1995 HM Brady Michael Country Club Hills IL
1995 SCPO Brady Michael Country Club Hills IL
1996 HT Iliff Daniel Eureka NV
1996 PN Tackett Debra Kanopolis KS
1998 DC Hermosillo Ernest Denver CO
1998 EN Mcgillicuddy Patrick Willoughby OH
1999 SK Rogers Robert Waynesville NC
2000 DC Creager Heather Fruitland MD
2002 DP Brubaker Peggy Sunbury PA
2002 IC Roberts Bruce Whitesville KY
2003 EN Meady James Boston MA
2004 QM Lovett Jerrod Green Sea SC





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