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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1943 CM Branchaw Raymond Joliet IL
1943 CM Lawrence Leslie Los Angeles CA
1943 MM Leporati Frederick Philadelphia PA
1944 EM Patrick James Charleston AR
1946 SC Rojas Rene Henry Key West FL
1950 QM Russell Arthur Boothwyn PA
1950 QM Zong Edward Dean Lemont PA
1952 ME Kelly George Columbus IN
1953 Hanson Tony Dover DE
1953 MM Oeth Raymond Evansville IN
1955 Tate Frankie Broken Bow OK
1955 BT Ogilvie Guy St Croix Falls WI
1955 ET Lavin Martin Philadelphia PA
1955 ET Mertens Larry Sacramento CA
1955 OM Mathis Larry Denver CO
1955 OM Mathis Larry Denver CO
1956 BT Banks Michael Montebello CA
1956 BT Brazeau Jack Klondike WI
1956 ET Jeffrey Sam Decator IL
1956 ET Wilderman William Oklahoma City OK
1956 FT Spence David Clayton NY
1956 GM Jeffrey Sam Brighton CO
1956 LTJG Rodman Roeert Sharon MA
1956 ME Goodman Bobby Coleman TX
1956 MR Shirk Floyd Webb City MO
1957 CS Porter William Fayetteville AR
1957 CS Porter William Fayette AL
1957 IM Gibson James Mountain Home AR
1957 MR Clark William Wooster OH
1957 MR F. William Wooster OH
1957 SF Roberge Theodore Reseda CA
1957 SN Boone Garner Phoenix AZ
1958 AE Hensher Jerry Unk CA
1958 BM Chadwell Patrick Weaverville CA
1958 BT Stripling Carl Fayette AL
1958 DC Owens Max Samson AL
1958 DC Smitty/smith Jerry Atlanta GA
1958 DT Haywood William Clarke Panama City Beach FL
1958 EM Berthelson Zane
1958 EM Blankenship Dennis Sacramento CA
1958 EM Chucknawitch Vincent
1958 EM Hasler Gregory J Chicago IL
1958 EM Payne James Cleveland TN
1958 EN Gatlin John Beaufort NC
1958 ET Kohlmeyer Roland Fountain MN
1958 MM Smith Jerry (smitty) Atlanta GA
1958 MR Davis Sam Unk AL
1958 SF Boystun Bill Albiqurque NM
1958 SF Miller Ray Little Rock AR
1958 SF Townsend Jack Birmingham AL
1958 SF Willis Ray CO
1958 SK Bullinger Mike Galveston TX
1958 SK Johnson James W. Bill Great Falls MT
1959 EM Garcia Delfino New Braunfels TX
1959 EM Preslar Steven Lava Hot Springs ID
1959 ET Ferris Alan
1959 FN May Clentis
1959 FN Mcleod Stephen
1959 FN Neighbors Nelson
1959 HM Hoier William T. Buffalo NY
1959 MR Hecht David La Crosse WI
1959 SF Enderby Glenn
1959 SF Lewallen Wesley
1959 SF Miera Gilbert Bisbee AZ
1959 SK Roy Maurice Houston TX
1959 YN Marshall Richard North Tonawanda NY
1959 YN Roper Keeth Winston OR
1960 PH Hermanson M.s.
1960 SK Beck John Rapid City SD
1961 ET Nansel Robert Windsor MO
1962 EN Boggs George
1963 SO Pintang Silvestre
1964 FT Juchniwicz Vincent Gueens NY
1964 SF Rosales Daniel
1968 CM Mccollough Bobby Rockwood TN





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