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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1942 Buck Clyve Littlerock AK
1942 SN Villator Frank New York NY
1943 SH Flynn Howard Bud South Darby PA
1944 FN Gibson Glenn Elizabeth OH
1944 HM Hinds Albion Wakefield MA
1944 LT Coppedge Ruth Shreveport LA
1944 PH Berg Bernard Chicago IL
1944 PH Hinds Albion Wakefield MA
1944 PM Meska Melvin Three Rivers MI
1944 PM Vedder Melvin Litchfield MI
1945 -- Kennedy Oscar Pinsonfork KY
1945 CM Beasley Charles Troy AL
1945 CM Ebersole Russell OH
1945 CM Mcconnell Mont NY
1945 CM Norwinsky Edward PA
1945 GYSGT Creveling Ted Valinda CA
1945 MM York Clyde Jerome Cleveland OH
1945 PH Aiken Phil Provo UT
1945 PM Brown Stanley Binghamton NY
1945 SF Barnes Howard Bonifay FL
1945 SF Payne Lamar
1945 SK Creveling Ted Milford NJ
1945 SK Creveling Ted Upper Black Eddy PA
1945 SM Chaffee Gearld Detroit MI
1945 SM Herman Victor A. Covina CA
1946 HM Allen Radford Lufkin TX
1946 HM Satanek Joseph Searright PA
1946 RM Carey James Washingtom Dc DC
1946 RM Carey Jamea Washingtom Dc DC
1946 SN Scacchi Lawrence Chelsea MA
1949 Svanum --
1949 HM Mcwhorter James G Jacksonville AL
1950 CPO Pringle Charles --
1950 EM Benshoof Cecial Lebanon OR
1950 HM Jellison James Wilton ME
1950 LTJG Blanchard Jim Toledo OH
1950 SN Adcock Hugh Augusta KS
1950 SN Holly David El Dorado , AR





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