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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1955 RM Fain Br Princeton WV
1955 RM Strautman William Wheeling WV
1956 RM Lerum David Sunburst MT
1956 YN Mccauley Larry Travelers Rest SC
1957 RD Brillon Leslie Bremerton WA
1958 EN Kacena Jay Marion IA
1958 ET Mintun Larry Stockton CA
1958 PN Pearson Thomas Hoopeston IL
1958 SM Fry Alfred E Chicago Hieghts IL
1959 FN Lindorfer Jim (nickname Sputnik) Stl Paul MN
1959 LTJG Littmann Frederick Sheboygan WI
1959 RM Brandfellner Donald Chicago IL
1959 SCPO Butterfield Richard S. Siilver Springs FL
1959 SN Cobb Lonnie Charlestown IN
1960 SK Becker Allan San Mateo CA
1960 SK Becker Allan San Mateo CA
1960 SK Stone Jerry Tulsa OK
1960 YN Macomber Robert Street MD
1961 BM Golden Richard (mooch) Fullerton CA
1961 BT Ball Ernest Englewood TN
1961 EM Colville Jim Detroit MI
1961 FN Colburn Samuel Northport AL
1961 RD Lane Robert Tacoma WA
1961 RM Babcock Robert Chowchilla CA
1961 RM Benfield Larry Chino CA
1961 SK Hubbard John Midland MI
1961 SM Heim James Lowell MI
1962 AG Swinford John Chicago IL
1962 FN Browning Dwayne TX
1962 PN Hedrick Daniel Omaha NE
1962 SK Panganiban Venancio S. Bauan, Batangas, Philippines CA
1963 DC Doak James Joseph OR
1963 DC Doak Jim Joseph OR
1963 ET Egge Dennis Milwaukee WI
1963 RD Boozel Raymond Great Falls MT
1963 RM Duffield Robert Hernando FL
1964 BM Johnstone Bob Pocatello ID
1964 FN Enix Ray Lake City TN
1965 BT Shumaker Francis Alma KS
1965 ENSN Stebbins Dan South Haven MI
1965 GM Matthews W. T.
1965 SM Raspone Don Clarkston WA
1965 SM Riley M. D.
1990 OS Jhonson Lorenzo Houston TX





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