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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Stiles Harry Akron OH
1956 SM Hall James Lawence MA
1957 EN Elliott Wilbur Londonderry OH
1957 ET Lemay Arthur Somerville MA
1957 LTJG Walsh Joseph Boston MA
1957 LTJG Walsh Joseph Ballston Spa NY
1958 DK Guitar William Whitehall NY
1958 QM Franklin Byron Newport RI
1959 Soriano Fred CA
1959 BM King James Beverly MA
1959 LTJG Vacca Ronald Everett MA
1959 MM Galante Bernard New York NY
1959 MM Soriano Fred Los Banos CA
1959 RM Flaherty Edward Astoria NY
1959 RM Nichols Keith Mt Pleasant OH
1959 RM Whitley Ray Danville VA
1959 SH Hurd Douglass Detroit MI
1960 EM Fillion William St Paul MN
1960 EM Weitzel Richard Minneapolis MN
1960 ET Condon David Whitman MA
1961 EM Kruger Edward A Amsterdam NY
1961 ET Perks Thomas Oakland CA
1961 GM Powers Douglas Sacramento CA
1961 IC Angelo James Lebanon TN
1961 LTJG Caswell Philip Longmeadow MA
1961 LTJG Miller George Mt. Pleasant MI
1961 RM Kramer Robert Port Huron MI
1961 RM Turro Steve Verona NJ
1961 SK Wemple Jerry Mayfield NY
1962 AG Ferry Forrest Newark OH
1962 BM Wetmore Eursel South Bend IN
1962 IC Angelo James Attleboro MA
1962 LTJG Jessel David G New Castle PA
1962 LTJG O Sullivan John Boston MA
1962 RD Humburg Bill New London WI
1962 RD Wilming Ted Corinth NY
1962 RM Kramer Robbert Kramer Port Huron MI
1962 RM Spangler Russell Harrisburg PA
1962 SF Finochio Thomas Altoona PA
1962 SF Finochio Thomas Altoona PA
1963 ET Regina John Claridge PA
1963 MM Tortorici Charles Brooklyn NY
1963 QM Cosentino Richard (Dino) Winter Haven FL
1963 RD Jones Doug Fanwood NJ
1963 SN Harris James Pomeroy WA
1963 SN Stone Richard Toledo OH
1964 BM Gray Jerry Graham TX
1964 BT Peppard John Clarksburg WV
1964 MM Blackburn James Hobart IN
1964 RD Wiseman Bill Walker Valley NY
1964 RD Wiseman Bill Walker Valley NY
1964 SM Sinz David Butler PA
1964 SN Lewin Antonie Covington KY
1964 YN Metcalf Walter Northborough MA





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