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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1954 LTJG Pfeiffer Martin Brooklyn NY
1954 TE Garyn Joel Brooklyn NY
1955 MM Mundt Hans Chicago IL
1955 RD Jones Donald Ray Lawrenceville IL
1957 EM Grange Joseph Brunswick GA
1957 MM Reiff Bernard Binghamton NY
1958 DK Cook Paul Brooklyn NY
1959 BM Ferguson Jerry Alliance OH
1959 BM Guenther Richard Orlando, Fl OH
1959 MM Thompson Paul Palm Springs CA
1959 YN Zehfus Rodney Upper Sandusky OH
1960 BM Lavault Roch Cumberland RI
1960 BM Nolter Kenneth Pittsburgh PA
1960 BM Vujovich Bob Minnetonka MN
1960 BM Warren Norman Detroit MI
1960 FN Flannagan John Toledo OH
1960 QM Bissonnette John Eagle River WI
1960 RD Reiser David Elmira NY
1961 BM Case Gary St. Louis MI
1961 BM White William East Hartford CT
1961 DK Rustic Bill Cleveland OH
1962 Jackson Joseph New York NY
1962 BM Spires Carl Lancaster OH
1962 BM Vecchio Patrick New York NY
1962 ET Dicus William Edinburg TX
1962 ET Mcclellan James Jacksonville FL
1962 FN Rovegno Robert Laurel Springs NJ
1962 RD Douglass Terry Glasgow MT
1962 RM Taggart Gary Fort Worth TX
1963 Bruner Don MO
1963 BM Cunningham Dean Old Town ME
1963 YN Ellis Quincy Belton TX
1964 AG Lewis Kenneth Culver City CA
1964 BT Stewart Carrol Quincy OH
1964 BT Stewart Carrol Quincy OH
1964 ENS Fryer Michael Lafayette IN
1964 RM Mattison Dennis Syracuse NY
1964 SM Kirby John Baltimore MD
1964 SN Reinstein Kurt Grosse Pointe MI
1965 IC Glendening William (glen) Clinton NY
1965 RD Sleeper George East Aurora NY
1965 RD Sleeper George East Aurora NY





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