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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1996 RM Graham-seales Taffy Newark NJ
1997 AK Hewitt Brandy Dayton OH
1997 AK Wroten Thomas Houston TX
1997 AO Earley Johnny Charlotte NC
1997 AO Korba Jamie Endwell NY
1997 AS Gaytan Roy Los Angeles CA
1997 AS Gaytan Roy Los Angeles CA
1997 BM Mckeon Lawrence New Jersey NJ
1997 CMDR Weselis Jim San Diego CA
1997 CPO Birtciel Ronald Reno NV
1997 CPO Dale Kenneth Gary IN
1997 CPO Dale --
1997 CPO Kramer Daniel El Paso TX
1997 CWO Schwickert Russell Ada OH
1997 EN Freshwater Kurt St. Peters MO
1997 HT Long Gary Austin TX
1997 LT Stephens Vincent Rapid City SD
1997 MA Johnson Errol --
1997 MA Roberts Tom Centennial CO
1997 MM Bensel Justin Pilot Rock OR
1997 MM Bermudez Daniel El Paso TX
1997 MM Branner Dustin Fulks Run VA
1997 MM Waldvogel Mark Bemidji MN
1997 MR Lemoine Ivette New York NY
1997 RM Longworth Terry Orlando FL
1997 SCPO Lewis John Palmyra MO
1997 SCPO Woodbeck Jerry Springfield VA
1997 YN Brown Terrell Tampa FL
1998 AB Osborn Richard Prague OK
1998 AB Valenzuela Michael Yuma AZ
1998 AD Cano Francisco El Paso TX
1998 AK Diaz Angel Rio Honde TX
1998 AM Silva Marco Donna Tx TX
1998 AM Vanderveer Shawn West Unity OH
1998 AO Carr Heather --
1998 CPO Boyd Steve Long Beach CA
1998 CPO Gulley John Kilgore TX
1998 CPO Kallman Robert Denver CO
1998 CPO Shelinbarger Dale Topeka KS
1998 CPO White Carl Chattanooga TN
1998 DC Cox John Supply NC
1998 EM Ovandomieses Cesarina New York NY
1998 EN Aranza Alex Houston TX
1998 ENSN Ayers Aaron Worcester MA
1998 GM Tetlak Michael Virginia Beach VA
1998 HT Gegenheimer Brian Jacksonville NC
1998 HT Moser David Wahiawa HI
1998 HT Self Brian Lake Charles LA
1998 LCDR Porrazzo Joseph Fallon NV
1998 MM Collins Steven Grapevine TX
1998 MM Harris John Brooklyn NY
1998 MM Kalman --
1998 MM Nichols Jeff AZ
1998 MR Whalen Chris Kansas City MO
1998 OS Cooney Shawn Laguna Niguel CA
1998 OS Musha Mark Murfreesboro NC
1998 OS Pennington Alex San Antonio TX
1998 PC Gibbs Shawn Winston Salem NC
1998 RM Kruse Jeff Sarasota FL
1998 RM Stevenson
1998 YN Leftridge Keenan Dallas TX
1999 CWO Deatherage Thomas Tucson AZ
1999 ET Forde Darnell (Db) Brooklyn NY
1999 FC Thompson Kiina --
1999 FC Thompson Kiina Elizabeth NJ
1999 PN Pitts Jeffrey Lenoir NC
2000 AB Mendoza Roer Los Angeles CA
2000 AK Diaz Angel Rio Hondo TX
2000 DK Calderon Cristal --
2000 DK Calderon Cristal Skanktonia --
2000 FC Moree William Philadlephia PA
2000 FN Hendrix Drew Fort Worth TX
2000 FN King Rory El Reno OK
2000 HT Arroyo Gabriel Santa Barbara CA
2000 HT Grundeman Ernie Wichita KS
2000 LCPL Scott Andrew TX
2000 LCPL Scott Drew TX
2000 MM Damato Tony Milwakuee WI
2000 MM Gracie Bruce Fort Myers FL
2000 MM Lucas Jeff Lafayette IN
2000 MM Marner Devon Wyandanch NY
2000 MM Rossi Jon Chula Vista CA
2000 OS Bengtson Mike Minneapolis MN
2000 SM Ramirez Ronnie Whittier CA
2001 AB Ramos Jorge
2001 AC Acosta Sally Los Angeles CA
2001 CMDR Spell Martin Collins MS
2001 CPO Martin Scott Anderson IN
2001 CS Garcia Felix Los Angeles CA
2001 CT Rayner Chad Lodi CA
2001 EM Bruski Jason Saint Paul MN
2001 EM Noll Tony White Oak PA
2001 EN Ortiz Kimberly Bronx NY
2001 MA Messoline Larry Golden CO
2001 MM Delgado Wes Belfair WA
2001 OS Anderson Greg Republic WA
2001 OS Marquez Corinne CA
2002 AB Mellies Rebecca Houston TX
2002 AB Mellies Rebecca Houston TX
2002 AB Nuno Rudy San Pedro CA
2002 AC Cooper Christopher Anaheim CA
2002 AC Cooper Christopher Anaheim CA
2002 IC Kelley Chad Longview TX
2002 SGT Cox Austin Farmer City IL
2003 CPL Harper Mark Memphis TN
2003 CPO Bastien James Escondido CA
2003 DC Hall Patrick San Diego CA
2003 DP Edwards Brigid WA
2003 GS Lawson James Wheeling WV
2003 HT Guerra G Andrew La Mesa NM
2003 LCPL Basciano Marco Seattle WA
2003 LT Pete Robert New Iberia LA
2003 SGT Rocha Theodore Madera CA
2004 AM Fontan Diego Boston MA
2004 AO Kelly Charles Columbus OH
2004 CMDR Moore Randy Central Point OR
2004 EM Walbourne William San Bernardino CA
2004 OS Pacheco Ruben Tularosa NM
2005 HM Levin Josh Wheaton MD
2005 MA Sherman Dustin Oceanside CA
2006 DP Cruz Olivia St. Louis MO
2006 RM Ollerton Nicole OR
2007 GYSGT Sallings Jason Columbia SC
2008 AB Hall Travis Dilliner PA
2014 EM Dalton Stephan Philadelphia PA





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