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U.S.S. LIZARDFISH (SS-373) Crew Photos

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1941 This is a scan of my father on the right and his brother Esn Robert Mead. Bob retired a Cmdr in the seventies and passed in 1986
1941 This is what they were fighting for my mom at 18
1942 Submariners patch
1942 My dad with Rags on my moms parents front steps. Upland Way Drexel Hill pa. He was home on leave just before first war patrol
1942 Dad on the right Thomas Mead his father on the left. Former Cavalrymen from WW1. Taken in Red Bank N.J at home
1943 ----------
1943 The is the USS Lizardfish off of San Diego Ca
1945 ----------
1945 ----------
1945 ----------
1945 ----------
1945 ----------
1945 Rafted up in Subic Bay PI
1945 Ship mates
1945 Watch change by Exec Officer
1945 Rafted up
1945 Big Gun
1945 Coffee break Note the Sub tender in backgroung
1945 My Dad on a coffee break
1945 Bucky Mead Dolisi and Glove shipmates all
1945 War Patrol Card
1945 From left to right USS Lizardfish USS Loggerhead USS Lamprey taken after the Japanese surrendered
1945 Waiting for the launch to shore leave near Siapan
2005 Location of the Jap Tender that they sunk From Google Earth using Latitude and Longitude from ships log
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