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DD-395 USS Davis

USS Davis was built at Bath Maine in 1938, and commissioned later that year. She was originally assigned to neutrality patrols in the North Atlantic, and then sent on to the Gulf of Mexico for training exercises. Once training was complete, she was sent to the West Coast until April of 1941, at which point she returned for escort and patrol duties in the Caribbean. After the war broke out in December, USS Davis continued her escort and patrol missions, making a rescue from the British Glacier sailing ship. In April 1944, the ship arrived in New York and headed for a convoy mission to England.

In June, she continued European patrols and ended up being damaged from an explosion on her convoy support mission in the latter part of June. Emergency repairs were made to the ship in Baie, an English port. 2 days later, she carried on, arriving at Charleston in August to undergo permanent repairs. Once repairs were completed in December 1944, she went back to her escort duties in the Atlantic. On July 10, 1945 she returned to Norfolk. USS Davis was decommissioned without return to duty in October 1945. She was subsequently sold for scrapping in November 1947.

DD-395 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
JUL1936-Keel Date: 28 JUL 1936
at Bath Iron Works Bath ME
JUL1938-Launch Date: 30 JUL 1938
NOV1938-Commissioned: 9 NOV 1938
OCT1945-Decommissioned: 19 OCT 1945

DD-395 General Specifications

Class: Somers class destroyer

Named for: Charles Henry Davis

Complement: 235 Officers and Enlisted

Displacement: 1850 tons

Length: 390 feet 11 inches

Beam: 36 feet 11 inches

Flank Speed: 38 kt

Final Disposition: Sold 24 November 1947