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USS Makassar Strait was reclassified as CVU-91on June 12, 1955.

Her History Before Reclassification
Makassar Strait (CVE-91) was an Casablanca-class aircraft carrier built and active during World War II, for which she earned two battle stars. Highlights of her service are as follows:

  • Makassar Strait began her duties in 1944, transporting cargo, passengers, and casualties across the Pacific. She also transported damaged aircraft and conducted pilot training operations out of Hawaii.
  • Pilot training operations would prove to be her greatest asset to the US Navy. While stationed at Pearl Harbor, pilots made nearly 7,000 landings on her decks as they trained for combat air patrol, hunter-killer exercises, and nighttime operations.
  • With a cargo of planes and pilots, Makassar Strait joined combat operations against the Japanese in early 1945. She made a stop in Eniwetok for the Ryukyus and Bonins, small groups of minimally inhabited islands off the Japanese coast that would become strategic battlegrounds. Her planes launched attacks against Japanese targets in the Ryukyus and on Okinawa.
  • Next, the carrier operated in the Mariana Islands to perform carrier pilot training.
  • Finally, Makassar Strait participated in Operation “Magic Carpet” after the war ended, bringing thousands of servicemen home to the United States from the Pacific theater.

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