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USS Admiralty Islands was commissioned under the name Chaplin Bay, and renamed two months after its contract was laid down. The ship launched in May of 1944, headed for Puget Sound, where it would undergo shakedown training. She then headed for San Francisco, undergoing more training before becoming part of the Pacific Fleet Carrier Transport Squadron, responsible for transporting personnel, materials, and aircraft to the Pacific.


Admiralty Islands made stops at Pearl Harbor and the Marshall Islands during her efforts, and then headed for New Guinea after some alterations were made to the vessel.

Admiralty Islands went back into the western Pacific, visiting Pearl Harbor, Guam, and eventually headed to help with the Iwo Jima operation. Through the early parts of 1945, the vessel was put into operation as a member of Task Group 50.8.

In April of that year, the ship lost a plane that went over the side while trying to land. The vessel was in need of repair, so it was sent to Guam. After repair, the vessel went back to help operations in the Japan strikes and was then sent home for alterations. Most alterations were canceled due to Japan’s surrender, and the ship helped bring troops home until April of 1946 when she was decommissioned. She was stricken from the Navy fleet list and sold for scrapping in May.

CVE-99 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
FEB1945-MAR1945Invasion of Iwo Jima
APR1945-JUN1945Invasion of Okinawa
JUL1945- Shellback Initiation - 10 JUL 1945 - Pacific Ocean
OCT1945-NOV1945West Pac

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