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USS White Plains takes its name from the city in Westchester County, New York. The site was critical during Washington’s retreat to Pennsylvania during the early years of the Revolutionary War. The ship was commissioned on Nov. 15, 1943 at Astoria, Oregon. The ship began its first voyage into the Pacific Theater to the Gilbert Islands. She delivered aircraft at Tarawa and returned to Pearl Harbor.

For the next few months, the ship conducted air operations and amphibious support training near Hawaii. The ship saw its first active military operations at the end of May 1944. She was sent out with a force to take the Marianas. She provided submarine and combat air patrols. During her second tour in the Marianas, she helped with the Tinian assault.

In August 1944, White Plains began preparation for the invasion of the Palau Islands. That invasion took place Sept. 15, with little opposition. In October, the ship was deployed to help with the invasion of the Philippines. She provided air support for the troops while also defending against submarine attacks. The ship was involved with the heaviest assault by Japanese naval forces during that time with two direct kamikaze hits.

She returned to the US for repairs, returning to action in January 1945. After her return, she played a more supportive role. When she completed her mission to return troops after the war, she was decommissioned July 10, 1946.

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JAN1944-Shellback Initiation - 13 JAN 1944 - Pacific Ocean
MAY1987-JUN1987Desert Storm

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