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USS Roi (CVE-103)

USS Roi was a 10,000-ton Casablanca-class escort aircraft carrier commissioned in July of 1944. It was assigned to carry planes, servicemen, and equipment to bases around the Pacific during World War II and the Pacific War. After three cruises, she was sent to Alameda for overhaul and repairs. Once these were completed, the vessel was sent to the Marshall Islands and the Marianas Islands and then back to Pearl Harbor for training operations and preparations as a replenishment vessel.

Roi then went on to Guam to provide pilots, crew, aviation supplies, and planes to Task Force 38. Working with other escort carriers in the area, the vessel provided equipment and replacement troops as needed through July of 1944. In August, she met up with the task force once more and settled with the 3rd fleet off of Japan, preparing for occupation after Japan’s surrender.

She was then used for the ‘Magic Carpet’ campaign, bringing troops home for discharge along with many other ships of her kind. In May of 1946, the ship was decommissioned, stricken from the Navy list, and was then sold for scrap. Roi was given one battle star for her service in World War II.

CVE-103 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
AUG1944-Shellback Initiation - 24 AUG 1944 - Pacific Ocean
AUG1944- Shellback Initiation - 1 AUG 1944 - Pacific Ocean
SEP1945-OCT1945Chinese excursion to rerscue Chiang Kai Shek?? Not on history.

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