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CL-47 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
APR1935-Keel Date: 1 APR 1935
DEC1936-Launch Date: 3 DEC 1936
AUG1938-Commissioned: 12 AUG 1938
NOV1941-DEC1941Hawaii - One month before the Japanese attack 5NOV41
DEC1941-DEC19418DEC41-MidPacific; past Intl. Date Line as PH attack is underway
OCT1942-OCT1942Battle of Cape Esperance - Guadalcanal
JUL1943-AUG1943Sicilian Occupation
SEP1943-SEP1943Salerno Landings
DEC1943-JUL1944Eastern New Guinea Operation
FEB1944-FEB1944Bataan-Corregidor Operation
APR1944-JUN1944Hollandia Operation
MAY1944-JUN1944Biak Island Operation
MAY1944-JUN1944Toem-Wakde-Sarmi Area Operation
JUL1944-AUG1944Cape Sansapor Operation
JUL1944-JUL1944Noemfoor Island Operation
SEP1944-JAN1945Morotai Landings
OCT1944-OCT1944Battle of Surigao Strait
OCT1944-NOV1944Leyte Landings
DEC1944-DEC1944Mindoro Landings
JAN1945-JAN1945Lingayen Gulf Landing
JAN1945-Shellback Initiation - 9 JAN 1945 - Pacific Ocean
APR1945-MAY1945Tarakan Island Operation
JUN1945-JUL1945Balakpapan Operation
JUN1945-JUL1945Brunei Bay Operation
JUL1946-Decommissioned: 1 JUL 1946

CL-47 General Specifications

Complement: 868 Officers and Enlisted

Displacement: 9700 tons

Length: 608 feet 4 inches

Beam: 61 feet 9 inches

Draft: 24 feet

Flank Speed: 33 Knots