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CL-46 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
APR1935-Keel Date: 15 APR 1935
MAR1938-Launch Date: 13 MAR 1938
OCT1938-Commissioned: 3 OCT 1938
DEC1941-MAY1942pearl harbor
JAN1942-Shellback Initiation - 19 JAN 1942 - Pacific Ocean
SEP1943-Shellback Initiation - 21 SEP 1943 - Pacific Ocean
DEC1943-JAN1944cape gloucester landing
JAN1944-JAN1944madang bombardement
FEB1944-FEB1944los negros landing
MAR1944-MAR1944seeadler harbor bombardments
APR1944-APR1944hollandia landing
APR1944-APR1944sawar-wakde bombments
MAY1944-MAY1944biak island landing
MAY1944-MAY1944sarmetoem-wakde landings
JUN1944-JUN1944aircraft actions off biak
JUL1944-JUL1944cape sansapor landing
JUL1944-JUL1944noemfoor island landing
SEP1944-SEP1944morotai island landing
OCT1944-OCT1944battle of suricao straits
OCT1944-OCT1944Battle of Surigao Strait
OCT1944-OCT1944leyte p.i. (tacloban) landing
DEC1944-DEC1944aircraft actions leyte gulf
DEC1944-DEC1944mindoro operations
JAN1945-JAN1945lingayen sanantionio-nasugbu
MAR1945-MAR1945cebu city cebu landing
MAR1945-MAR1945zamboanga mindanao ldg
APR1945-MAY1945tarakan duch borneo landing
JUN1945-JUL1945balikpapan du.borneo
JUN1945-JUN1945brunei bay br.boreno
JUL1946-Decommissioned: 3 JUL 1946
SEP1963-Shellback Initiation - 21 SEP 1963 - Pacific Ocean

CL-46 General Specifications

Complement: 868 officers and enlisted

Displacement: 10000 tons

Length: 608 feet 4 inches

Beam: 61 feet 9 inches

Draft: 19 feet 5 in

Flank Speed: 33 Knots