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CA-45 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
OCT1935-Keel Date: 28 OCT 1935
NOV1937-Launch Date: 16 NOV 1937
FEB1939-Commissioned: 16 FEB 1939
JAN1943-JAN1943Battle for Rennell Island, action against Japanese Torp Planes
APR1943-APR1943Aleutians Campaign
AUG1943-SEP1945Middle Pacific
JAN1944-FEB1944Marshall Islands - screened aircraft carriers
SEP1944-SEP1944Assault on Palau
SEP1944-OCT19441st Assault on Mindanao, Negros, Digos, Leyte, Makan, Phillipine
OCT1944-OCT1944Assault on Formosa
OCT1944-OCT1944Assault on Okinawa Island (Nansei Group) Ryukyu Island
MAR1945-MAY19452nd Assault and Support of Okinawa
JUL1945-OCT1945Middle Pacific
SEP1945-DEC1945Occupation of Japan
JAN1946-JAN1946Operation Magic Carpet Ride - war hero's returned home
FEB1947-Decommissioned: 3 FEB 1947
FEB1947-FEB1947Returned to Philadelphia Navy Yard
FEB1947-AUG1959Mothball Fleet Reserve
AUG1959-AUG1959Sold for Scrap Steel

CA-45 General Specifications

Complement: 929 Officers and Enlisted

Displacement: 10000 tons

Length: 608 feet 4 inches

Beam: 61 feet 9 inches

Draft: 19 feet 10 in

Flank Speed: 32 Knots