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USS Nehenta Bay (AKV-24) was an Casablanca-class aircraft carrier built and active during World War II. She was part of the Pacific Fleet and was instrumental in various operations against Japanese forces; she earned seven battle stars for her achievements. Below are highlights of her wartime missions.

  • June-July, 1944. During the Marianas assault, her planes flew in strikes against Tinian, destroying supplies on the ground.
  • July 1944. Her planes struck targets off the coasts of Guam and Saipan.
  • August 1944-January 1945. Nehenta Bay provided cover for ships in the 3d Fleet as they attacked targets throughout strategic locations in the South Pacific that made possible the capture of Palaus and the return to the Philippines.
  • May 1945. Her planes flew in strikes on Okinawa.
  • June 1945. Nehenta Bay came under kamikaze attack but escaped unscathed.
  • July-August 1945. She provided cover for other ships during raids against Japan.

After the war ended, the carrier remained in the Pacific, patrolling the waters and dropping supplies to American prisoners of war, until such time as she was deactivated in Boston, January 1946. She was sold for scrap in 1960.

Hull classifications the ship operated under include:

  • CVE-74
  • CVU-74
  • AKV-24

AKV-24 Deployments - Major Events

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JAN1943-JUL1945Sea Trials

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